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Victor Cozzetto
Aflac Benefits Advisor
Mobile: 516-262-8482
Office: 845-381-1184
For over 65 years, Aflac has paid employees directly to help with unexpected out-of-pocket costs — like medical bills, copayments, deductibles and prescriptions. When unexpected health care costs like these come your way, Aflac is here to help.
For businesses, Aflac can be offered to staff members without any cost or contribution from the business, and the business decides what Aflac can offer to their staff.
  • Pre-Tax deductions on Accident, Cancer, Hospital, Dental, and/or Vision can result in significant tax and FICA savings.
  • Having more benefit options available for staff members increases retention and attracts more employees to the organization.
  • Your Aflac agent is a gateway to full Aflac support and services. We will meet with your staff to explain benefit options so that you don’t have to.
  • Aflac provides information and guidance for claims, and personal assistance on claim filing. Aflac even has a phone app to make it easier.