Anxiety can be a harrowing thing to deal with, and it becomes even more difficult when other health issues compromise your ability to deal with it. If you need help, please do book a session with me and let me do some Emotion Code sessions. I can help you. And of course, you can also do a lot to help yourself, and I show you how below.

Causes can be physical, non physical, or a combination of both, and there is often a negative feedback loop in place between the various root causes. It can take a while to remove the root cause, so we often need tools to help us manage while we use tools to remove those root causes, and I list both types of tools below.

I am going to share here a guide that I prepared for a family member, who could not consume food or drink, and was on drugs. Those are extreme limiting factors, and yet, she showed excellent progress, as she became more relaxed and slept better when bringing several key things into play.

This is what I recommended:

1. Bach Flower Remedy. For acute situations (not every day), I would suggest the Bach Rescue Remedy. This is truly an amazing ’emergency’ tool, and is even carried by emergency workers (i.e. ambulances) in some parts of the world.

I have seen this Bach Flower Remedy work amazingly well for women suffering from extreme PMS anxiety, and it can be used quite often; although it is not recommended as a daily solution. This cost about $25 and it only requires 4 drops directly on the tongue (or added to a beverage). Bach Flower Remedies, Rescue Remedy

You can find Bach Flower Remedies in many health food stores and online shops.

2. Lavender Essential Oil. Another daily thing that one can use is lavender essential oil. This can be used two ways – as aroma therapy, and applied topically. I would use it as aroma therapy in this case, as that is the easiest and safest way in my opinion; although we should take care to not use it excessively, so please follow instructions and guidance. Lavender Essential Oil
In addition, one might find benefit from the soothing colors of a diffuser like this one, which also has a timer, which I think is important for protecting against overuse:  Aroma Oil Diffuser.
Please note that I have no specific brand or product recommendations for the essential oils or diffusers, so these are just examples. I do however recommend using good natural brands.

3. Sound therapy can also be amazing, but this is very dependent on the situation. I can give you information on using binaural beats and even ASMR if the situation allows for such things. Of course, just using relaxing music, Solfeggio frequencies, nature sounds, etc. can be very helpful. I would suggest combining that with some beautiful nature videos, such as this channel. This is a rather large topic, so I only suggest it here to point you in the right direction of research.

4. Light therapy can also be very helpful, but again, it depends on the situation. I would suggest this NIR/FIR unit. There are other good products on the market, many of which I like. There are also ‘energy healing’ and/or frequency healing devices that are outside the visible light spectrum, so I will list them separately (I’m talking about iTeraCare).

Make sure you have bright light during the day (sunshine would be best), and yellow or red light at night (or candle light, but only beeswax candles!). Perhaps a SAD light (Seasonal Affective Disorder) would even help if you are trapped indoors during the day; although I do not really like those because of likely abuse in the evenings. Be careful to avoid blue light in the evening.

Another powerful thing is to try to catch the sunrise and sunset, and even some mid-day sunshine if you can.

5. Pure Body Extra Strength (PBX) Zeolite. Finally, I would address the likely root cause of the issue, which is at least partially a physical toxin (heavy metals, mold, glyphosate, etc.), and these can be removed over time with this sublingual nano zeolite spray. This PBX spray is the only such product that I trust and recommend. It can be aided by the PB Zeolite product (Combo PBX/PB), if your situation allows for that.

Certainly there are other toxic factors (emotional, financial, social) that this zeolite cannot address, but I consider it important none the less. We see dramatic improvements in people with depression, brain fog, autism, and even dementia. The zeolite products can be used with people on medication, but should be administered at least two hours away from pharmaceutical drugs.

6. Hemp/CBD Oil. I do not talk about CBD or Hemp oil much, because it is very expensive to use dosages that are actually effective. I have evaluated many different products and have too often come away dissappointed. I consider this type of product for use only in extreme situations, and I am not a fan of casual use because the cost benefits are simply not worth it – unless you need help managing severe anxiety or pain. However, the recent changes in legal status of changed the market, so many people may be able to find a good product at a cheap price. The trick is in evaluating it.

Please note that Hemp/CBD oil products should be full spectrum, and with no drugs; meaning there is no THC. If you want to learn more, you can see my video, and how I evaluate and discuss such products.

7. Bio Tuner. This product was designed by Dr. Beck, who designed other devices that comprise the Beck Protocol. While not related to the Beck Protocol, this device has been amazing for many people, and has some incredible research behind it, which you can read about here.

8. Breathing. There are so many breathing techniques that a person can use, so I will not get into details here. But ‘just breath’ is a powerful idea. Take that a huge step forward and learn some specific breathing methods that will help you relax. The long-term benefits are huge.

9. Exercise. Not everyone can take advantage of this, but it can be powerful for some. Of course we have professional athletes that suffer from anxiety, so obviously exercise is not part of their solution. But for many others, we simply are not getting enough movement in our life, and that has a huge negative domino effect that can certainly be related to anxiety.

Of course there is always more that we can do, and if you have more control of lifestyle and diet, that makes many more options available. Be sure to check out my video ‘Detoxing Stress‘ and also my resource page on the iTeraCare frequency healing device.

The most powerful approach of all is probably the Emotion Code, and I am available for Emotion Code sessions, which have shown remarkable results with many of my clients, and thousands of others around the world. Watch my video testimonials to see the power.

Feel free to contact me for more information.

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