Body Alignment


Body Alignment. We take it for granted or misunderstand it most of the time. It is such an important part of our health, and many problems can be resolved if we give it a little more attention. Our modern way of living tends to put us in unnatural postures for a disproportionate amount of time, and so we must do something to counterbalance that.

In recent decades, chiropractic medicine has become accepted as a standard medical practice in the U.S., but it is still somewhat of an outcast in places such as Japan.

Chiropractic centers are great, and most of them have added massage therapists as an adjunct to their practice. Message too, is another great healing therapy, and there are many different styles that are equally effective. But in this post I would like to introduce another adjunct to chiropractics…

It is called the Gokhale Method, by Esther Gokhale. Her focus is basically on establishing proper posture, and it is very similar to Dr. Weston Price’s work, in that she has studied the posture and alignment of primitive peoples. And her results are phenomenal.

I was convinced by listening to her discuss the method and results with other holistic healers. She is a very accomplished holistic practitioner that has come to this method through a long journey, and I was really sold when listening to her speak on this podcast with Daniel Vitalis. It is also a great resource page with many other good links on the subject.

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