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Reality: What is it? What do Plato, Buddha, and Quantum Physics all have in common? Their depiction of reality. Aristotle, Einstein, and many others held opposite views. So, what is reality? If you want to know the answer, or argue it, follow me here through thousands of years of debates and science, and to a final definitive

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Anxiety can be a harrowing thing to deal with, and it becomes even more difficult when other health issues compromise your ability to deal with it. If you need help, please do book a session with me and let me do some Emotion Code sessions. I can help you. And of course, you can also

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This is it!

This is it. An Unbeatable Combination: 1) “…a natural nanometer zeolite that has been specially handled to obtain levels of purity, penetration, absorption, and adsorption that are likely unparalleled by any other product.” 2) “…a super green juice powder that contains 44 100% organic and nutrient dense superfoods; chosen not only for nutrition, but also

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