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This is a list of products used by me, and in my Protocols. Everything has links to exact products that you can order, or use as references to get something similar. You’ve likely seen these in many of my articles, videos, social media posts, comments, etc.

1. I use this MSM Powder and these MSM Capsules. The powder is more cost effective and is used for mixing with other things. The capsules are convenient, especially for travel. Do not use tablets. VIDEO

2. This is my favorite Bentonite Clay; although there are many other great clays all around the world. You’ll find this brand to be excellent for both internal and external use. PODCAST

3. I use this Magnesium Chloride to make magnesium oil. This will last you a long time, unless you use it in your bath, so do NOT do that. While it is excellent in a bath, it is far more cost effective to use magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) for your bath and save the magnesium chloride for your magnesium oil. VIDEO

4. If you like taking baths, the use something like this Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate), and make sure that you are not paying more than ten cents an ounce. You don’t want any additives, and you don’t need anything special. This needs to be cheap and clean, because you use a lot (2 cups) for each bath. Combine that with a cup of this Baking Soda and a tablespoon of this Borax for the absolute best detox bath that will also nourish your body. All three of these products should be very cheap, and clean. Don’t be fooled by needless additives or special sources. We don’t need much Borax, so that will last you a long time (unless you are using as a laundry additive), and we can use a lot of baking soda, so I get the biggest bag possible.

5. This cheap nebulizer has managed to stay around for a while, so I’ll recommend it here. It’s only about twenty five dollars, and puts out a good strong mist; very similar to another one that I’ve recommended over the years. This is such a powerful tool when used with CS and MSM, and so convenient.

6. This is the salt I usually use in my food and water. I use a grinder, so that one is course. Himalayan Pink tends to be my favorite, and that is a cheap and trusted brand. I use these ceramic and glass salt & pepper grinders. There are many good brands of salt, so don’t waste your money spending extra on marketing nonsense. Celtic is great to, but definitely not worth the crazy prices. Now, for culinary reasons and diversity you might like Celtic and other good sea salts, such as this ‘Real Salt‘ product, which is white (and fine grade), but still a sea salt.

7. I have to mention this Black Pepper, since I mentioned salt. They sit side-by-side on my counter and table, and I consider them more than just culinary tools. That is a 4 peppercorn blend, with the best taste and aroma, and that is my most trusted brand for all spices (they actually are sold under another branding too, and I try to get all my spices under one or the other).

8. Filtering your water is important. I use this Shower Head Filter (and Refill Cartridges), which have proven to be excellent, and are sold at higher prices under different branding. That same brand is excellent for water filtering too, but I switched to this Water Filter (and Refill Cartridges) because it is a bit better at no extra cost.

9. One of the most powerful and crazy cheap tools for COPD and many other lung and sinus issues is a salt inhaler like this one. I also have a video here to demonstrate me using it, and you can add even more power to that simple idea with a drop of Lugols Solution inside the ceramic opening. Breathe too strongly, and you will really feel it (as I demonstrate in the video).

10. If someone really is wanting to focus on healing and detoxing the liver, this combination of herbs is the best. Milk thistle, artichoke, and dandelion root. There are many different brands that provide the same combo, and this combo is also part of other things I recommend. But it is very cheap and convenient, and in higher dosage when taken this way. Of course you can also grow or gather your own herbs 😉 This is not something you would do all the time, and one bottle is usually enough for most people to get results that they are hoping for.

11. Need some temporary help with inflammation? The two most powerful herbs for that are probably turmeric and boswellia. Tumeric is probably the best bang for the buck when taken like this good curcumin extract. For more difficult issues, Boswellia is more expensive, but is also great, and it can be used together with curcumin. These are things that I view for short-term use, as we ultimately want to address the root cause of why you have extreme inflammation. It is certainly better than using pain relief medication in most cases, as these herbs have various benefits for your body.

*OK, so this last one is not cheap or generic, but I’ll give special mention here because I am not an affiliate, so I don’t have links in other areas. I’m talking about FCLO and BO, which I do talk about a lot. If you are looking for a potent way to naturally supplement vitamins D, K2, A, & E, Omega 3s, and more, there are really no better products than those from Green Pasture. Great products from a great company. They are not for everyone though, as they are potent and do not have the best smell or taste. The Butter Oil (BO) and the FCLO (Fermented Code Liver Oil) are absolutely the best in class, and have been for many many years. My favorite is this FCLO/BO combo product which has them combined. They don’t taste or smell great, but people feel their nutritional potency and often get spectacular results.

Use the free information I provide, and find what works best for you. You are not alone.

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