Colloidal Silver & Crops


When we search the Internet for information on Colloidal Silver (CS), we can easily be confused by complicated and conflicting articles. It is not often that I can find a well written article that has a lot of good information, without being too technical or too simple, so I was delighted when someone pointed out this great article on CS and plants at the Grow Your Own Groceries website.

It is well worth reading, as it will give you more insight on the effectiveness of CS. Thanks to Norman on for this find.

If you are very interested in this idea, you can dive into something that I think is directly related to Colloidal Silver’s impact on crops, and investigate a possible mechanism of action, known as Ormus. It is a deep rabbit hole to go down, but if you are so inclined, you can find my writings on Ormus here. Enjoy.

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