Decadent Chocolate

It is interesting how we like to use or hear the expression “decadent chocolate” or decadent anything, to emphasize the idea that it is so amazing that it must be terribly unhealthy for us. In most cases when the word decadent appears on a menu we can be certain that it is indeed bad for our health. We use this word when we want to say that something violates moral, cultural, or social standards. It feels like it should be illegal or something. It is a strong negative word, but it is probably most often used in a positive context.

Well, I had the pleasure recently of eating some “Deep Chocolate” ice cream from Samaritan Xocolata, and the first word that popped into my mind was decadent. It was probably the best chocolate ice cream that I ever ate in my life, and the beautiful thing about it was that it contained no chemicals, no refined products, and nothing at all that was bad for me. It was just pure natural goodness. I’m not suggesting that it is a health food, but I feel comfortable adding it to my diet about once a week or so 🙂 Tao Walker, the chocolate maker that runs and owns this shop definitely knows what she is doing. Check her website to see her commitment to nature, wellness, and all around good intentions. She is another person/business that I will be working with as a nutritionist, and she is eager to carry the Vitagenics kefir, which will probably already be in her display by the time you read this 🙂 I look forward to seeing some kind of cross-branded chocolate kefir shake in her shop soon.

I just mentioned last week that my friend Lobo is starting an ice cream operation, and that is practically right across the street from Samaritan Xocolata. Lobo’s ice cream is sure to top any ‘brand’ that you will find in a store or ice cream chain, and it will also be made with the same wholesome natural goodness. However, Tao’s chocolate store is a serious artisan shop. Her focus is chocolate, and the ice cream is just a nice bonus for the lucky few that happen to be aware of it. Lobo will provide ice cream for the masses, with larger production, more variety, and easier accessibility, so I will probably be eating more of that. But I will still indulge in the ‘Deep Chocolate’ at Samaritan Xocolata when it is available.

Samaritan Xocolata is a perfect gift shop for picking up souvenirs for people back home, or for yourself. There aren’t really any other shops this far up the mountain that I know of, so her chocolates are one of the few options you have. She has a nice range of fancy chocolate delights that can survive the trip back home.

So, yes, I am in the jungles of Costa Rica, living up in the mountains past the point of paved roads. But I can still get some of the best foods that the world has to offer, and I don’t need to compromise my health in doing so.

Come to Costa Rica and see for yourself 😉

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