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Nature has given us powerful tools to protect us from the overhelming toxins in our air, soil, water, food, etc., and we can use these tools to both remove existing toxins, and shield ourselves against the growing influx. I’m not only talking about food or supplements, but rather the earth itself – in the form of zeolites, clays, and fulvic acid.

As a nutritionist, I am a strong advocate of food as medicine, and I have lots of guidance on nutrition, lifestyle, and various tools for healing (including some of the newest frequency devices!). However, it can be argued that toxicity is the root of all disease, and the tools below are sadly unknown to most. In these dangerous times, I find these tools even more critical for healing and shielding us:

Zeolite and Clay

If I could only choose one tool, it would be this PBX zeolite. Don’t let the marketing hype fool you… it is even better than they say, and I explain it in more detail here, along with clay:

Heavy Metal Detox (22 minute video)

Notice that I discuss 4 things in that video – PBX & PB zeolites, clay, and a very special green Juice (SGJ). If you would like a $50 Gift Certificate to purchase a combo package, please email me or text me for the information. I recommend the PBX/PB combo, or the PBX/SGJ combo, and many clients use PBX, PB, and SGJ.

Both zeolite and clay have been with us for thousands of years. Nearly all animals instinctively use them, and wise cultures incorporated them into their healing practices and daily lives. From China to Africa and everywhere in between, the earth gives us these powerful gifts.

Clay has remained relatively unchanged in its usage for all that time; however, zeolite has reached its pinnacle of application only within the last decade, as one company has figured out how to get the natural clinoptilolite zeolite down to its smallest possible size.

Clay is relatively easy to find, and comes in countless varieties… almost all of which are good. Animals go to it instinctively, and we can find it in all corners of the world. Many people have already heard of ‘Bentonite’ clay, and there are many variations even within that category of clay. Nowadays there are more and more nefarious business dealings that compromise quality; however, it is still relatively easy to get an excellent clay anywhere in the world.

To fully support your detox efforts you must also nourish your body. To understand more about the items above, and the importance of things like kefir, broth, magnesium oil, MSM, grounding, sunshine, and stress management, please watch my protocol video:

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In addition, our modern world has given us technological devices that have been approaching miraculous levels of healing support in recent decades. We are now at the point where we have a consumer product that is within reach of many people.

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Even with such simple and powerful tools at hand, detoxing and healing can sometimes be a challenging journey. In addition to my many free videos, I have courses, live Q&As, support groups, and more. You can find me here, with hundreds of clients and colleagues:

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