One Page EMF Guide

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One Page EMF Guide

Here is a summary of my guidance to protect from EMFs. I tried to make this as short as possible so that you can quickly see the many different ways to help protect yourself. I customize strategies with my clients, as everyone has different lifestyles, budgets, priorities, etc., so not everybody can implement the same solutions.

Please do take time to read this short guide before you jump to that beautiful Somavedic device in the photo. If you are looking for portable protection that you can have with you anywhere all the time, I like these products best, and especially the cheaper “ONE” model. Use code “vitagenics” there to get 30% off.

There are lots of FREE ways to reduce your EMF exposure:

1. Reduction of EMF via:

  • Device Management (i.e. airplane mode, using 3G, 4G, LTE, Wifi, etc.)
  • Power Management (powering down devices – manually, on timers, automatically)
  • Device Usage (using wired headphones when possible, plugging into cat5, keepingdevices away from your head, keeping devices away from your bed, etc.)
  • Device Choices (Choose quality products with known variables)
  • Cable Choices (Choose quality products with shielding if possible)
  • Wireless Choices (use wired when possible)
  • Location Awareness (Be aware of where you are sitting, standing, sleeping, etc.)

2. Device Location (routers, circuit breakers, transformers, computers, phones, etc.)  

  • Static Locations (Strategically place sources away from people)•
  • Mobile Locations (Avoid having devices on your body, in your bag, etc.)

3. Shielding (devices, cables, walls, ceilings, floors, paints, meshes, etc.).

4. Wire routing (efficient routing, avoiding spaces where you sleep, rest, sit, etc.)

5. Signal routing (location of wireless devices, cell towers, repeaters, extenders, etc.)

6. Harmonizing and/or Neutralizing (frequency generators, sacred geometry, gems, active circuitry, etc.). There are a lot of different solutions here, and most on the market are useless. However, choosing the right products and understanding how to use gems and sacred geometry can enable you to stack many of these technologies together.

In my opinion the Somavedic devices seem to clearly be the best at this for home or area protection, as they have units for your home, your electric car, and even  to carry on you. Learn more here. (Use Code VG4Somavedic for 10% off). Watch my Q&A here. However, the Somavedic solutions are not affordable for everyone. Portable solutions such as those from Airestech stack well with Somavedic, as they work differently. The same is true for BlueShield devices.

7. Reducing Sensitivity / Optimizing Your Electric Body

  • Detox heavy metals (PBX & PB Zeolite, Clay, Fulvic Acid, etc.)
  • Include kefir (helps eliminate radiation and heavy metals)
  • Grounding the body
  • Sunshine (and/or Infrared light therapies)

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