Kambo: Frog Poison

There are more kinds of natural medicine in our world than we can possibly imagine. Throughout eons of human history we have slowly discovered how various things in nature can be used to help us heal or keep us healthy.

Many medicines have already been lost to history, or remain obscure, and thus only known to a select few. But some have been making a comeback in recent decades, and one of those is a medicine from the Amazon known as Kambo.

Kambo is poison from a certain green tree frog, pictured above. It has many names, and you can read about it in the links below. This post is more of a personal introduction, as I have just gone through two Kambo ceremonies, and am planning to do my third and final one soon.

I am fortunate to have a friend that is an experienced medicine man specializing in Kambo. Fakir spent many years in South America learning from indigenous and modern shamans, healers, etc., and we have spoken often about Kambo and many other healing practices. While I am still new to it, I have been able to slowly gain some confidence and knowledge from him about this special ceremony. Kambo is a very powerful poison, and I would not recommend taking it casually. You want to do this with a trusted expert.

My experiences this month were not what you usually hear about. The ‘normal’ experience is to go through a short but extreme detox, lasting somewhere between 15 minutes and several hours or more; but usually about an hour. Detox is not really the correct word, as it is really your body violently expelling via vomiting, sweating, diarrhea, etc. It is a very uncomfortable   experience, but also a great relief in many ways. People feel like they are dying during the ceremony, but feel fantastic afterwards.

However, that was not my experience. I had the normal ‘feeling like death’ experience; however, I did not sweat, vomit, or have diarrhea. I was very weak, and was even trembling during the 2nd ceremony, but that was it. My first ceremony started with three ‘points’ of the medicine, where he burned three holes in my arm to apply it. He gave me a second round, but I still did not expel anything. In the 2nd ceremony he burned seven more holes in my shoulder to start me with seven points of the medicine. (You can see the points in the photo below). Still I did not expel. Why was this?

Nobody knows for sure, but I can offer a few ignorant possibilities: 1) I am not done yet. The third ceremony will increase the dosage up to nine points, and he may incorporate some additional plant medicine during the ceremony. It could be that whatever I need to expel requires this final stage. Three ceremonies within one month is the normal process, so perhaps I will expel something that has been working its way out through the first two ceremonies. Or, 2) I was expelling through urine. This is hard to judge, as everyone drinks liters of water. But I did notice that my urine smelled quite odd, and I had to release at least every hour for the entire day. In any case, that is not the type of expelling that we are really looking for with Kambo, and I am certainly no expert. Still, the Kambo could have very well cleaned up something through that route. 3) One last possibility is that perhaps my body is very clean.

I love to imagine that Kambo will remove some hidden danger that I am not aware of, as it does this for the vast majority of people. Not only the hidden dangers, but also the obvious ones. Many people find that their ‘incurable’ diseases are gone after Kambo. And many people have other life changing experiences through Kambo, as the extreme purge opens up the mind as well. It is not a psychedelic drug, but the physical impact is so extreme that it certainly has powerful spiritual and psychological impacts. And who is to say what it is really doing, as we are still very ignorant about the exact mechanisms of Kambo. We just know that it has been healing people for hundreds of years.

For me, not having expelled anything through two ceremonies helps to validate my clean lifestyle. I have never done drugs or alcohol, and in recent years I have been on a very healthy diet, as I learned from the Weston A. Price Foundation (and as a nutritionist I try to teach to others). In addition, I have tried to clean up the first forty plus years of bad eating over the last decade by going through various detoxes (coffee enemas, using clay, etc), and following some other powerful healing protocols such as the Beck Protocol (and those things definitely expelled poisons from my body years ago). I have also incorporated colloidal silver, bentonite clay, and various superfoods over the years, to the point that even an enema produces nothing special to see. I probably did most of my heavy detoxing ten years ago. So… perhaps I really am very clean. Or perhaps there is still a little something that the Kambo needs a bit more time to expel. Either way, I am feeling great from the Kambo, and I seem to be physically stronger than before. I would recommend it to anyone… well, anyone that Fakir feels is fit to try it.

If you want to know more about Kambo, visit us in Costa Rica, or check the links below.

Kambo is an amazing ‘fast’ detox, but it certainly has limits. An often overlooked and misunderstood factor is the influence of heavy metal toxicity, mold toxicity, and other toxins that interfere with our body’s immune function, and thus create ‘intolerances’ or allergies that magically disappear once we remove the toxins. The most potent solution that I have seen for resolving this is a relatively new nanometer zeolite product, which is all natural, and purified. Combining that with a green juice powder that has 44 different organic superfoods designed to help the detox produces stunning results in relatively short time. We still need to get into a healthy diet and lifestyle, to heal leaky gut and fix dysbiosis permanently; however, this is a powerful first step towards that goal:

Zeolite & Green Juice

I discuss this combo a bit more in a recent post, and you can find testimonials, etc. at my online store.


Kambo Frog Poison – an Amazing Healing Treasure from the Rainforest


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