These are some key recipes that some of us use to help maintain our health. Most of them are variations of great recipes that were found somewhere else, and modified and reformatted for convenience. We use these as a way to get important nutrition into our body, or to displace unhealthy foods (i.e. snacks).

Consider these as examples that demonstrate healthy eating as fun eating. Some other simple examples that do not require a full page recipe:

Popcorn: kernels are very cheap to buy, are never GMO, and are easy to pop at home. Popping them in virgin coconut oil and topping them with Himalayan Pink salt makes popcorn a super healthy snack. You can drizzle grass-fed butter or ghee on top of that for even more nutrition. A great way to get healthy oils and salts into your diet! And a great way to displace the very unhealthy microwave or store bought popcorn, and other unhealthy snacks.

Other recipes that I use regularly:



Oatmeal Cookies

Breakfast Oatmeal

Spinach Manicotti


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