Seminars in Costa Rica?!

Wellness Parties are Here!

Yes! In the summer of 2018 Vitagenics will begin hosting a series of workshops and seminars on health topics in beautiful Costa Rica. These seminars will be held at various places in southern Costa Rica.

Part seminar, part workshop, these events are designed to promote community and spread vital knowledge about health. Touch, taste, and learn about healthy foods, how to prepare them, and why they are important. Or just come to enjoy the party 🙂 Healthy food and drinks will be served, and all ingredients will be explained during the party.

  1. Holistic Health: Home, Office, and Habits
  2. Dietary Guide: What to Avoid, What to Include
  3. Understanding Milk: Raw, Pasteurized, Homogenized
  4. Making Kefir: Why and How
  5. Best Oils & Fats for Cooking
  6. Pastured Eggs: Super Eggs
  7. Making Nutritious Mayonnaise
  8. Brewing Bone Broth & Bone Tea
  9. Optimizing Breakfast
  10. Bad Soy Good Soy
  11. Sourdough Bread & Tortillas
  12. Silver Nutrition: Ag+
  13. Virgin Coconut Oil
  14. Maximizing Meat & Fish
  15. Light, The Sun, and Infrared Saunas

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