Unless you happen to live near me… which is difficult, because I tend to move around a lot… you will only be able to get the products that I have on this storefront:

Zeolite & Green Juice

Contact me for a $50 gift certificate if you are a first time buyer!

Vitagenics is for everyone.  We point you to food sources that you can trust. Food sources that give your body the nutrition it needs, efficiently and effectively. In some cases we provide the products, grown from our own farms, and the farms of our partners.

Finding good food sources is one thing, and incorporating the food into your diet is another. We try to make that a bit easier by posting some recipes on this site.

If you visit us you might find that we provide a wide range of healthy foods, such as:

Kefir: in many flavors and varieties, served straight or as smoothies that are loaded with other healthy foods. Always made from raw milk that comes from local animals, this is a thick and creamy beverage that is the most powerful probiotic available.


Beet Kvass: another powerful probiotic drink (like kefir) that we provide in several varieties. Kvass is famous for its nutrient content, blood cleansing, and of course probiotics. Always made with all natural beets that we grow or get from the local area. We go way beyond organic.

Sauerkraut: Another homegrown & homemade probiotic powerhouse, enjoy some sauerkraut with every meal to aid digestion and build up a strong and diverse gut microbiome.

Cabbage Juice: This has the same potent probiotic punch as sauerkraut, but is preferred by some because it is a beverage. A great way to augment your probiotic intake, and arguably the best probiotic drink due to its lighter digestive load. 

Of course we have a host of homemade pasta, sauces, soups, broths, meats, fish, veggies, fruits, and more.

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