There are a great many therapies and treatments that have existed through the ages, and some of them are organized into complete protocols that are used for a short period of time.

What is best for one person may not be best for another, and so our education is never ending, as we choose the solutions that are most suitable for each situation. Body chemistry, behavior, logistics, and many other factors influence decisions.

It is not merely about ‘curing’ a disease or affliction, as many issues, such as cancer, are a symptom of other problems, and we intend to root out and address all underlying causes, and thus become much healthier in the long run. 

Summary of Strategy

  • Remove all the toxins from your environment and food
  • Remove all the toxins from your body
  • Remove stress (emotional, dietary, physical, EMF, etc.)
  • Strengthen your body’s immune system
  • Unburden your body’s immune system
  • Optimize nutrition
  • Keep the body rich with oxygen
  • Keep the pH at a healthy alkaline level
  • Replenish enzymes
  • Use the power of positive thoughts
  • Keep enjoying life
  • Enlist the power of others
  • Listen to your body

Some Protocols & Healing Activities

Ultimately, my course will provide you the context and understanding for choosing and implementing a proper protocol. The Vitagenics Protocol is an unbeatable foundation for anything else that you may need to or want to add; although it alone is often enough. The key is getting the depth of understanding and motivation to follow through, and this is why the course is so critical:

Heal. Shield. Live. This is the course.

The links below will actually give you the important content to get you going, as I still have lots of free content on YouTube. However, YouTube is beginning to censor more of my content, so I’m not sure how long the free stuff will be there. Watch these while you can:

1. The Context of Miracles. This sets context for everything we discuss, and I think it is important, as it will also help you keep in context.

2. Holistic Healing Quick Intro. This two minute video is to give you a holistic context, and it is also a quick intro to my main course and perspective.

3. The Vitagenics Protocol. The foundations of my holistic approach to wellness. That will give you a quick explanation of all the things I think you should be doing.

Finally, another important context that I would like to remind you of:

4. Being Human (Video) (Article)

Within my courses and guidance, you will find many different tools, both modern and new, and the things you choose to implement will depend on who you are and what your situation is. Just a few examples of other important things that I work with:

The list of tools is endless, but it really is quite simple if you just follow my course and my protocol. Whatever ails you; whatever you fear; it can be overcome.

4 thoughts on “Healing Protocols”

  1. Hi Victor,

    I saw one of your podcasts on the colloidal silver list. You mentioned colloidal silver and broth and lots of things. It was very interesting. Also saw one about an ultrasonic nebulizer.

    Dr. Mercola had a show where he used a nebulizer and hydrogen peroxide for a cold, I believe. Even before that, years ago, I had a chronic, worsening, annoying cough and when the doctors didn’t stop if for over 2 hours, I knew it was up to me. I tried 5 things in the nebulizer and the 5th one was OTC hydrogen peroxide, full strength. I took a deep breath and spent the next 5 minutes catching my breath. I realized it was too much, too soon so began taking shallow breaths. I cured that cough that very day and it’s never come back.

    I’m not trying to comment but rather am asking if there is a way to subscribe to your poscasts?

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Jean! Thank you. If you are logged into YouTube, you can then subscribe to my YouTube channel. I appear on some other people’s podcasts (Adam Parker, WAPF), but I do not have my own podcast show right now. (I really should take the audio from my YouTube and do that). You’ll also catch me on some other YouTube channels, but here is my channel:

  2. Hi Victor, this is so cool that I am finding your website now. I just bought an Itera health blower on Tuesday this week and I am going in the same direction you are: teaching health and healing, I’m just aiming to practice in Colombia.

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