With Gratitude for Victor

Every time…every single time that I’m able to do something that I couldn’t before, I send a prayer of gratitude to Victor Cozzetto.

I clearly remember hobbling around the grocery store, hunched over my cart, heart pounding and lightheaded with exhaustion just from walking, hoping that I either wouldn’t suddenly poop my pants or that no one could notice the tears that I was trying so hard to hold back. There were maybe 10 things in the entire store that I felt like I could eat and I didn’t really want any of them.

I’m not “all better,” but I’m getting there. It’s taking time, and that’s okay with me. My diet feels interesting and satisfying enough for now and I am looking forward to the foods that I will be able to add back into my diet in the future. I can now go skiing, biking, hiking, kayaking and enjoy dancing again; all things I desperately missed when I felt so unwell.

I’ve learned so much that I’m actually grateful for my illness. It might have been the best thing that could have happened to me. I know how to care for myself and others beyond anything I could have previously imagined. So thank you, Victor, for teaching me how to get to this place that I am right now. You have my eternal gratitude.

Feeling the difference!

I have started using the iTeraCare device on my drinking water and I am already noticing a difference! Thank you for making this space and for sharing your knowledge and for working so hard to help people feel better. You have a beautiful heart and I am grateful for you and everything you do for our community. Wishing you a peaceful Sunday and many blessings 🧡🧡🧡

Celebrating two years of healing!

Thank you so much for taking time to respond to my questions. Also thank you so much for caring about my journey to wellness and for celebrating with me all that I have healed in two years. I am grateful the jolts came back out of nowhere because I got a chance to reflect on my journey. It was not until I wrote this post that I realized that the two big issues that made me join Vitagenics and implement the Vitagenics protocol have mostly healed! That brought me so much joy and confidence.

There are many products Victor

There are many products Victor has recommended to me and have truly helped. First, I was suffering with knee pain and he suggested I take MSM on a daily basis. Well, I am happy to report my knees are pain free. Magnesium Oil spray was recommended for legs cramps and once again, they are gone! Super green juice was recommended to lower cholesterol, which it did! People are so quick to pop the quick fix pill, but using natural remedies is important to me because they get to the root cause and not just mask the pain temporarily! Victor is a wealth of knowledge and I value his advice.

Miracle magnesium guidance!

I would never have believed that such a cheap simple solution could resolve decades of excruciating pain that no doctors could fix. Victor motivated me to use topical magnesium oil with his guidance, videos, and encouragement, and I still cannot believe how much it helped me. This guy knows what he’s talking about.

Rock Solid Material!

Regarding your group I experience most of the material as rock solid 👊
Kudos to you 😊 I also really like your videos about why different stuff work for different people, and how to try to “tie it” all together. Very important information there!

Health restored

Victor truly amazing supportive practioner /coach .
After 3 decades of very serious health issues I made an amazing recovery .
My health just continues to grow with the guidance I receive .
Wonderful truly grateful.

Just Amazing!

Victor prompt and lengthy response by email was amazing. He truly seems to have the desire of helping people rather than only cash some money by doing the work. He is amazingly kind, engaging, responsive and he always goes beyond what he should do for client’s ultimate benefit! Just amazing!!

Saved my son!

Victor changed my son’s emotional and physical 180 degrees. I was desperately worried for my son’s well being and he found Victor, my son magically healed all the issues he had been carrying and those that have been torturing him for several Months that all was wrong with him. Health, emotions, etc
So blessed that my son found Victor! Now my son is happy and an ease! Unbelievable!

Thank you!

Your course saved my life! You helped me more than anyone else I have worked with, and there have been many!

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