Welcome to the World of Quantum Healing

I’ve been telling people for a long time that the future of healing is quantum based, and that we will eventually have devices that use frequencies to heal everything. We’ve already been moving in that direction for many decades, with PEMF, NIR/FIR, blood electrification, etc. showing amazing health benefits. Now we have reached a point where an all-purpose quantum device is affordable for many people.

Click here to listen to my TWO HOUR Q&A were I go deep and compare the iTeraCare device to PEMF, NIR/FIR, blood electrification, and more!

This device is healing with a low terahertz frequency (2THz to 17 THz) that is sometimes referred to as sub-millimeter waves, because the wavelength is less than 1 millimeter, from 150 microns at 2THz down to 17.5 microns at 17THz. This is in “The Terahertz Gap.”

The Terahertz Gap

A device like this is very empowering, because it will last for many years and does not require anything except for an outlet to plug into. One device can support you, your family, and friends for years to come. The terahertz spectrum from this device promotes healing at a cellular level throughout the body, and has profound effects on any unwell condition.

Learn more about the core technologies in this blogpost

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I know that many people still cannot afford such a thing, but it is only $350 in the US, $499 in EU, and only $320 in Australia. Those prices include shipping, but may fluctuate a bit and require VAT in EU, Japan, the UK, and elsewhere. The UK is $370 (that includes shipping) at this time, and has a $60 VAT on top of that. Japan is currently $390 with shipping, and has a $32 VAT. I walk each person through the order process to make sure that we get it done right, as ordering situation remains very fluid (due to changes in stock availability, new distributors, new shipping routes, UI changes, etc.). Please ALWAYS coordinate with me first before ordering.

This solution is still very much ‘underground’ and being suppressed, so it does not invite confidence when you see the websites, videos, and ordering forms. But I am here to walk you through it, and I can tell you that it works, and why it works.


Many suppliers are SOLD OUT, so I need to tell you which supplier to order from!!

For ORDERS in the EU, Parts of Asia (NOT Japan), & the US:

US, Asia, & EU Orders.

Click THIS LINK and you will be taken to the Vitagenics order page. Or you can scan the barcode with your camera to go to the same page. This site was not created by me, but it works perfectly!

Please contact me so that I can help you with your order.

You will see the “Sponsor ID” as “VITAGENICS” so that you know you are in the right place.

If you are in the UK or Japan, you will need to use a different site, and you will require additional help from me to get the order completed.

For Orders in Japan, the UK, etc.

Orders in UK, Japan, Etc.

Please contact me first before you click this link to begin your order. Of course you can take a look, and you can try it yourself; however, I must do certain things on the backend to complete your order.

More information coming soon! Keep your eye on this page as I add updates and videos!

And be sure to watch my detox guides and the video on the Vitagenics Protocol, as all those things work excellent with the iTeraCare device!

A short 3 minute ‘Unboxing Video‘ that gives you a quick look at the device and the box it comes in. Note that devices or either 110v or 220v, depending on what country.
In this detox video I mention iTeraCare and other devices, and explain how there are many supplements, tools, and processes that you can use along with your iTeraCare device.
How To Get started with your iTeraCare Device. This 5′ video will give you a quick start on making Structured Charged water, and show you how to use the device on your body.
Are you confused by all the marketing and YouTube videos? The iTeraCare devices are truly remarkable, and I try to explain the technology in this article.

Some short TikTok videos with more info:

Discounts, Business, Maintenance?

This section is for anyone interested in the business side, or just looking for a way to reduce or eliminate the cost of the device.

While the prices vary across the globe, there are no discounts available from the company. Instead, the business is setup in a way to enable people to make money back by giving them their own sales link. Everyone gets a link, and the opportunity is free for the first 30 days. If you want to continue to try to sell and collect commission after that, you can pay a monthly $30 fee at any time to ‘Maintain’ this feature. You can maintain it for one month, or forever. It’s up to you. You can decide to ‘turn it back on’ one year later, or whenever, or never.

NOTE: Something else pretty nice about this ‘Maintenance’ feature: If you are somebody that is doing just a few sales, you will not actually have to ‘pay’ for this maintenance feature with your money, because you will be able to use something called a ‘bonus wallet’ to pay the maintenance fee. Even better, that payment gets credited to both your ‘maintenance’ and to your ‘bonus redemption wallet’… and that wallet can be used to buy more product… for yourself or for someone else! It sounds complex, but I can walk anyone through it. In short, there is a pool of money that stays in the user network, and every customer can tap into that pool to earn from it. Here is another way to summarize it, from someone else’s words that I edited a bit:

If you will not do maintenance on the account, you cannot get commission and accumulate points. When/if you expect to earn more than $30 or you expect the account to accumulate points, then you have (or should!) to maintain (so that you can receive commissions).

You’ll get US$30 worth of Product Redemption credit that you can accumulate to redeem products. We will also get 21 PV in our network volume to earn from Unilevel bonus (60% payout over 20 active-compressed levels).

You can see some other business jargon there, and again, I can walk anyone through it, or point you to other people for support. We all work together in Vitagenics, and of course I am linked to many other people in the iTeraCare network. Here is a simple video guide.

I’ll provide my own video guidance for this soon.

Understanding Your Wallets

Continuing with the business side, here is some guidance about the 4 different wallets in the backoffice when you login:

1-Bonus Wallet-This wallet is your commission; this is the ONLY WALLET YOU can use to do your BANK WITHDRAWALS! Do not transfer this wallet to register wallet or bonus redemption wallet and TRY and do a Bank withdrawal, it does not work that way! This wallet can also be used for registering new People, Paying your maintenance, and for upgrading to the Gold and Diamond

2-Register Wallet- This is for registering new people and can also be used alone or in combination with your bonus wallet for Paying Maintenance, Upgrading, and also transferring funds to other members in your organization

3-Bonus Redemption Wallet- this wallet is ONLY, I repeat ONLY for Redemption of products for yourself, you can send it to others if you like as well, but this CAN NOT Be used for anything else! No registering, No Maintenance, No Upgrades, These are Commissions already paid out to you and can’t be recycled to use again.

4-Purchase Redemption Wallet, This wallet is ONLY used when you Register someone or Upgrade yourself WITHOUT using PINS, if you do that, you will need to REDEEM the product to complete the Delivery order.