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Water is Life. Make Sure Your Water is the Best it Can Be!

Creating your own water station does NOT have to be that complicated or expensive. I will list a bunch of things here, and in the end it becomes quite simple and doesn’t have to take up much space or cost a fortune.

Water is one of the most important things that you put into your body, and often the most neglected. Even people that get built in filtration systems for their home often forget about maintaining them. If you do have a system, I still prefer using a water station like the one I have below. (If you want to dive deeper into water I have a video playlist here).

First, a simple outline of the process:

  1. Filter your water.
  2. Pour the water into a glass jar.
  3. Add salt until the TDS meter shows between 200 and 300 TDS.
  4. Keep the jar on a magnetic stirrer, so that the water is always swirling.
  5. Structure the water with additional tools such as an Analemma Wand, Somavedic device, crystals, sun light, etc.
  6. Optional: Pour your water into a good hydrogen bottle to hydrogenate it or take it with you.
  7. Drink it or use it for other beverages.

Listed below are the items that I use to achieve the steps above, and you’ll see in the photo at the bottom of the page that it is not that difficult.

  • ZeroWater Pitcher. This has been my favorite filter for the last several years. I like this size, but there is a wide variety of sizes to choose from. There are other good brands too, but I am not very fond of the Brita brand.
  • TDS Meter or pH & TDS combo. The ZeroWater pitchers come with a TDS meter, but if you break it or simply want another one to double check, they are very cheap, and the one I linked here comes with a separate pH meter too.
  • ZeroWater Filters. When you go to order these, check to see which bundle is cheapest. At the time of writing this, the 3-pack was the cheapest per filter. You would think that buying in bulk is even cheaper, but that is not always the case.
  • Good salt (Himalayan Pink, Redmond Real Salt, Baja Gold, Celtic, etc.). I like the rock salt because I prefer to grind my own, so make sure you choose what you prefer. It is very important to stay away from highly processed table salt. There are many good salts available, and they do taste a bit different from each other, so you may enjoy having several different good salts on hand. Personally, I don’t recommend paying 5 times the price for Baja Gold when there is no proven health advantage over Himalayan pink salt. However, sometimes we do want to pay a premium for culinary reasons, and I can certainly agree with that.
  • Mayu Swirl. This is beautiful, but a bit costly. It is the bottle pictured above. You can use code VITAGENICS to save $15, but it is still more expensive than the alternative that I suggest next (magnetic stirrer, jar, and handle listed below). Of course Mayu makes an argument that their vortex is better, and I cannot prove if it is or isn’t. It certainly does look nice.
  • Magnetic Stirrer. That linked stirrer is the cheapest way to vortex your water. Vortexing adds structure and pulls oxygen into the water, so that it can even alkalize it a bit. Think of it as imitating nature… where water is always in motion. Water that sits still becomes stagnate, losing its structure and energy.
  • Glass Jar. There are endless options for the jar that you want to put on the magnetic stirrer. ┬áSomething like this or this can work well; however, I recommend mason jars, and the 2L (2 quart) size is usually best. These Jar Lids with Handles are very convenient, and can be used on any wide mouth mason jar.
  • Somavedic. This is an option that I highly recommend, but cost more than everything else combined on this list. The Vedic device is powerful enough to structure water that is near it; however, its primary purpose is to reduce the negative impact of harmful EMFs in an office or home, and it is well worth it in this capacity. I have a Vedic device in my home to help protect me from EMFs, and it is part of my water station.
  • Analemma Wand. An option that I like to include as often as I can because science is not yet able to distinguish and quantify the differences in structured water clearly. Science shows that this wand had an impact, and we can reproduce results simply by seeing the performance of Analemma water on our plants. The same is true for the Somavedic device and vortexed water.
  • Hydrogen Bottle. Another optional but excellent addition; this is the last step, and ideal for taking your water on the go. I recommend the PRO bottle because of the self cleaning feature. The Original bottle is great too, and I have both; although I have come to appreciate the advantages of the PRO bottle over time.

A photo of one of my home setups:




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