On these pages are where we keep our favorite items for promoting and maintaining good health. Some are obvious and ancient, others are obscure and modern. Yet they all somehow seem to  elude most people; probably because they are considered ‘alternative.’ We hope to change that here. 

The most obvious solution is nutrition, and it as at once the easiest and most difficult to obtain. The barriers to obtaining proper nutrition are numerous, but luckily, the Weston A. Price Foundation has given us the  ‘holy grail’ of dietary guidance. Perhaps the most resounding evidence of its efficacy is in its ability to heal cavities.

Secondly, I would suggest exercise – or simply movement as a cure to what ails you. Our bodies need movement in order to bring the full force of their systems into effect. Whatever else you might be doing, moving your body will aid its impact.
Another general ‘cure all’  home remedy that we turn to often is silver. Silver has been used for thousands of years, being documented in Greek and Roman history, and countless cultures since then. Nowadays we have convenient and cheep methods for making ‘colloidal’ silver, which can be administered in various ways at virtually no cost.
One more ‘alternative’ solution that I have used is ‘The Beck Protocol‘ which was developed by Dr. Bob Beck in the 1990s. Colloidal Silver happens to be one of its four parts. This has become my ultimate insurance policy against whatever may ail me.
Finally, there is a ‘trump’ card in this deck of solutions, and that would be the mind. Do not underestimate the potential power of the heart, soul, spirit, mind, or whatever you want to refer to these intangibles as. In fact, there are many studies that show just how tangible their effects can be. My discussion of reality can help you understand the how and why of it all.
There are countless other general and specific solutions to health problems, and we hope to increase awareness of them with this blog
If you are struggling with a life threatening illness such as cancer, I would recommend finding encouragement at the The Truth About Cancer. You will find endless success stories there, and great videos to show you that there are actually hundreds of ways to cure cancer. But it is also overwhelming, and uses aggressive marketing tactics, which I am not a fan of.
Whatever your concern, and whatever you do, food must be at the center of it.
  1. Feed the Body
  2. Detox the Body
  3. Clean Your Environment
  4. Energize Your Mind & Body
  5. Align the Body

Here is our One Page Guide for Health, which will give you more details on these five points. It is in PDF format so that you can easily print it and hang it somewhere.

I would also strongly recommend using this One Page Dietary Guide, as I consider food to be the most essential part of any approach. It is through the right foods that we nourish the body, detox it, balance the pH, balance our mirobiome, starve the cancer (and pathogens, etc.), reduce or eliminate toxic loads, and so much more.


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