The Beck Protocol, by Dr. Bob Beck

Let me start by saying that if our body could get perfect nutrition, it could probably heal anything on its own. Humankind could not have gotten to this point if that were not true.

However, since perfect nutrition is difficult to ensure, I propose a two pronged approach – supplement the diet with some superfoods, and apply the most effective treatments we can find. And there are many treatments.

The best treatment I know of is the ‘Beck Protocol’ which was created by Dr. Robert Beck. I have experienced and witnessed the impact of this protocol since 2005. This treatment has been used to cure all types of cancer, HIV, and many other diseases. You can see some video testimonials and video introductions here:

And more info here:

And I purchased the devices from

The Sota devices are very reliable, but you could build your own for almost nothing. I am still using all my devices that I purchased years ago. With the devices on hand, there is no cost to us, other than the negligible cost of distilled water. However, it does take time, planning, and a daily commitment. With that, most ailments are cured within a few months.

I don’t expect anyone to believe such wild claims, and you shouldn’t. Do the research. Challenge anyone that claims they have a cure for anything. Everyone is different, and so there are no promises or guarantees to be made. And I am no doctor. I am simply sharing my experiences and research.

There is certainly more fraud than fact out there in the world, so take care when researching. I was researching Dr. Beck’s work for years before I finally believed it.

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