Help Us Educate Children

Are you interested in our VESL program for teaching children about nutrition, wellness, and more through English?  Consider becoming a supporting member of Vitagenics by making a monthly contribution through PATREON. Are we helping you? Here is your chance to help us!

Help us to reach more people with proven knowledge about wellness and nutrition. We are empowering people, and especially wish to empower children by using ESL programs (English as a second language) to deliver valuable content. I am a ‘Wise Traditions’ nutritionist, studying the successful traditions of the past and validating them with the most cutting edge science of our time. Advances in gastronomic science, quantum biology, functional medicine, etc. are showing us things we did not know just a decade ago. Yet these are things that our wise ancestors knew thousands of years ago… and things that even our children can understand. Let’s teach them how to unlock their full human potential.


Thank You for Your Support!