Emotion Code Guide

A Guide to Receiving an Emotion Code Session

If you haven’t experienced an Emotion Code session yet, I strongly recommend that you consider it (Book a session HERE). Not only for yourself, but also for a beloved animal or pet. Yes, I work with humans, horses, dogs, cats, etc., and am open to helping any creature. I am a certified practitioner and have had many incredible experiences with my clients. This short guide will explain how it happens.
In short, the Emotion Code is a form of energy healing that enables me to pinpoint and remove any ‘trapped’ emotions that might be causing an imbalance in you, and thus you experience a physical, emotional, or psychological symptom that is often very debilitating. Removing the trapped emotions often enables your body to regain balance and eliminate the symptom. Symptoms can be anything – high blood pressure, depression, a chronic pain, constipation, addiction, a limp or lameness, brain fog, etc. Watch some of my client testimonials to see the amazing results.
I do my Emotion Code sessions remotely, and the only thing I need to do is get permission from the client on the day I do them. Of course we need a bit of preparation before that day. I usually do two to four sessions in a month for my clients, as they can book me for two sessions at a time at THIS LINK
Before doing a session I need to know a couple things about you:
  • I need your age.
  • I need your permission on the day I will do the session.
  • I do NOT need to meet you! This is a remote session, and I do not need to speak with you at all.
  • I need to know what issues (ailments, discomforts, etc.) you would like me to focus on. I can check for up to three issues in one session. This can be any kind of physical, emotional, or psychological condition that you consider to be an issue. If there is no related trapped emotions, I will learn that during the session.
  • You do NOT even need you to be awake! That makes it easy for me to work with people all over the world.
  • You do NOT need to speak English! We need only a very basic exchange of information, and you can translate my reports easily (and I provide translation for Japanese clients!)
  • You will probably need a nap immediately after the first session. Most people feel exhausted after I do a session the first time, and then they feel energized and refreshed after a nap. This doesn’t happen to everyone, and does not happen every session. It seems that the first session is the most shocking to our body, and we need a few hours to rebalance.
Once I have that info, and permission, I get the session done in a day, and then send you a full report that shows you what I found and removed. If a trapped emotion is revealed, it is removed. The only thing I cannot do is predict how many trapped emotions might be associated with an issue. I often get spectacular results after only one session; however, sometimes issues take a bit longer. In either case, you will feel an impact from the session.
We can coordinate via email, or in text if that is better for you. I prepare my schedules in advance, but of course I always have to make adjustments along the way. Sometimes I cannot get a session done on the day planned, and in that case I will simply ask for permission the next day. I usually do four sessions in a month for my clients, as they can book me for two sessions at a time at THIS LINK. For my regular clients I give a ‘2 for 1’ deal, so they can get four sessions at that price.
A client usually requires anywhere from a few days to a week between sessions, and I’ll let you know how long you need as soon as I am done with a session. If you would like to hear some other testimonials from my clients, I have some videos here:
If you have any questions or still feel confused, just reach out to me via email and I’ll make sure you understand what to do and what to expect. And of course you can book a session here. I hope to hear from you soon!
Victor Cozzetto

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