Forgive the theatrics with the ‘reclaim the earth’ title, but I think you will find it fitting.

Effective Microorganisms (EM) are something that many of us are very familiar with – kefir, yogurt, and all the other fermented foods that we use are filled with wonderfully effective microorganisms. But the term EM was coined in 1982 by a Dr. Teruo Higa in Japan to represent something very specific; although still along the same lines as all those delicious cultures. His EM concoction synergistically combines three special microbes:

  • Lactic acid bacteria
  • Yeast
  • Phototrophic bacteria

These three classes of microbes are all naturally occurring, and Dr. Higa’s company, EMRO, has continued researching and testing various strains of these microbes for decades. They are bottled with some natural substrates such as molasses, etc., to sustain them, and in various other ways in third party products. EM can then be applied in seemingly endless ways, in what seems like a probiotic for the planet. Some examples that sound impossible:

  1. EM can consume radiation. I.e. it is currently cleaning up areas irradiated by Fukushima. EM completely decontaminates land and water.
  2. EM can turn barren salted lands into rich fertile soil.
  3. EM can restore dead polluted lakes back into vibrant thriving ecosystems. 
  4. EM can replace all farming chemicals – fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, while simultaneously turning the runoff into healthy water that will help revitalize rivers, streams, and oceans.
  5. EM makes crops more nutritious and robust (resistant to pests and damage) with higher yields.
  6. EM can eat the rust off an old razor and sharpen your kitchen knives.
  7. EM can be used as a cleaner, to reduce dust and static electricity in your home by reducing the ‘bad’ microbes.
  8. EM is an effective probiotic for humans.
  9. EM removes foul odors and makes old clothes look new.
  10. EM buffers typhoons and earthquakes. Yes, really.

This is not a hoax.

EM has been in use for over thirty years already, in over a hundred countries; although there has essentially been a blackout of it in the U.S., with only two small venders having products as of 2017, and the U.S. government resisting involvement. Fortunately, there is a fantastic English website that provides everything about EM here:

That is Dr. Higa’s company, and he has over a hundred personal blog posts that discuss everything from past and present projects to theories about gravitational waves as mechanisms of EM action.

Their Facebook page:

Japan has been rolling out large scale projects for years, and Tokyo Bay and the Nihonbashi river have already been transformed by EM. Dead lakes have been brought back to life. Of course capitalism slows down the spread of EM, even within Japan, as not everyone finds the cleanup of the world to be in their best interest. But it is nearly everywhere now, and it is perhaps the most exciting thing that I have ever come across.

I liken it to tapping into the power of volcanoes; without all the devastation. Indeed, EM is a mix, or perhaps ‘the’ mix of primal microbes at the lowest level of the pyramid, which have the ability to somehow reset lands we have corrupted back to pristine earth.

EM is something we should all be getting more familiar with.

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