How to Maintain Quality of Life

Learn how to have both Quality of Life and Longevity. Heal. Shield. Live.

How to Maintain Quality of Life with Longevity


Longevity is meaningless if you don’t have quality of life. I’m 59 and can still do whatever I want physically. How do I do it? I’ve even been super lazy these last few years, and yet I can still sprint, fight, play sports, or do whatever. And I know I will be even stronger and healthier next year, as I finally get settled into the US (Just moved back from Japan in 2020 and moved three times already!). So what is the secret?

All the secrets are given in detail in my course “Heal. Shield. Live.” I give a lot of information away, but we all know that it requires a serious commitment to get us to reach a goal, so sign up today! I will help keep you on track, and in the end you will be empowered to help yourself and others.

Of course many people want to jump right to the ‘answers’ or the ‘magic pills’ or ‘solutions’ for whatever challenges they face. The truth is that then solution is lifestyle change, which my course gently helps you set your own path towards. And of course there are the products, which I’m sure you want to hear about, so will summarize the key tools that protect me and enable me to get stronger as I move forward in life:

  • SUPPLEMENTS: I don’t really use many supplements at all, except for two, which you can get almost anywhere, so just watch my videos in the course or go find these products from your favorite shop:
    • Magnesium Oil
    • MSM
    • Gluco-Control: This one is still a natural food product, so it is not really a supplement. It provides a special combination of enzymes, mushrooms, and probiotics to help with blood sugar and insulin issues. Amazing for diabetes, hypoglycemia, weight loss, gut issues, and more. (Use the link and contact me for coupon codes!)
  • WHOLE FOOD PRODUCTS: There are a few products I use that are not supplements, but are rather 100% organic whole foods that are perfectly processed to give me convenience, diversity, balance, and quality of food. I use these almost daily, and order them monthly or quarterly or as needed. They all come from the SAME company, as THIS is the company that I trust the most (and I have videos and article explaining why).
    • SGJ. Super Green Juice that has 44 different organic fruits, veggies, and mushrooms, along with some enzymes and probiotics. I only trust and use this one, as most things like this are toxic and/or devoid of nutrition.
    • OSF. Organic Super Fiber that give me more diversity and provides proven tools (slippery Elm, Marshmallow root, etc.) for soothing and protecting the gut, along with more detox support. Of course everything is 100% organic and gently extracted.
  • DETOX AIDS: Check my ‘Detox Now’ for more details on this. The course gives you the details on the how and why, with many techniques that go along with the products. Learning how to use products, what has synergy (and what doesn’t) is the key to unlocking the power of what the earth offers us. While these detox agents to give you some minerals, they are not considered to be supplementing you, as they are here to aid your body in detox:
    • PBX. Pure Body Extra is the king of detox tools. I have lots of information explaining why this is so powerful and why it is always my #1 recommendation.
    • PB. Pure Body is a companion to PBX that is #1 for gut detox, as it is just large enough for most of it to remain in the gut and get the deepest possible detox there, while PBX enters the blood and goes everywhere.
    • Fulvic Minerals+. This product actually includes some PB, along with Fulvic acid, which is another powerful detox tool. They add sea algae too for minerals, as fulvic acid is an excellent carrier for minerals.
    • Clay. There are many great clays all around the world, and you can use many in combination. I like using the US based Redmonds Bentonite clay. I discuss how to use clays in my guides, podcasts, and videos.
  • ENERGY DEVICES: There are many great devices that we can use to aid our wellness, and some have been around for decades already, with new ones always entering the market. Most devices are likely useless, just as most supplements and other products are; however, if you know what to look for, and have a trust source, there are amazing products that have been helping people for a long time already:
    • I’m going to point you to my LinkTree HERE, as it is a convenient link to many devices that I use and recommend. You will find devices using anything from heat to infrared to scalar/crystal to PEMF to electric micro currents and other energies. I have many videos to explain these various devices and energies, and to help you avoid the fakes.
  • ENERGY HEALING: If you haven’t experienced the power of the Emotion Code, you should book a session with me, or watch some of my testimonial videos. We have many great energy healing practices that have been around for thousands of years – sound, light, sunshine, grounding, mantras, meditation, tapping, etc., etc., and the Emotion Code has been so remarkable for me in recent years… for both humans and animals!

I could go on, but I certainly cannot duplicate my entire course in one article. Commit yourself to whatever you choose, and you will find that both longevity and quality of life are within your grasp. You have strength and potential beyond anything you ever imagined. Let me help you discover it.

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