One Page Health Guide

Getting on, and staying on “The Road To Wellness” (TRTW) is both easier and harder than most people think. It is mostly common sense – common sense that we have been led astray from, and are constantly distracted from. But when it comes down to it, most of us can intuit what is healthy. Remembering the details of the how/where/when/why can be more difficult though, so here is a One Page Health Guide that you can hang on your fridge.

It is formatted for printing in a PDF file, so you can open and print it, or right click the link to download it.

This guide is the framework for my primary course, which is available here. This is the approach that I use to help people heal from all manner of ailments.

As mentioned elsewhere on this blog, I view Dr. Weston A. Price’s guidance as the ‘holy grail’ of diet, and really, for health. Here is my version in a ‘One Page Dietary Guide‘ formatted for printing in a PDF file. This version has more detailed information, organized as ‘DOs’ and ‘DONTs’ for easy reference. Right click the link and choose download, or just view it in your browser.

I believe that the above documents are the most important two pages that I can give you, so I will list them here once more:

One Page Health Guide

One Page Dietary Guide

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