Seven Generations

We are planning to be here for a long time, and to maintain our vitality throughout the time that we are here. We want to help you do the same. And beyond that, we want everyone to consider not only our own health, but the health of our world, and the generations yet to come. Everything we do should be anchored by sustainable thinking.

Some ancient wisdom that we all can benefit from…

“The Seventh Generation Principle is based on an ancient Iroquois philosophy that the decisions we make today should result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future.” That quote was taken from here.

“The term, “Seven Generations” is a human ecological concept that originated with the Great Law of the Iroquois. It compelled leaders to make decisions that would benefit their people seven generations (which by today’s standards is roughly 200 years) into the future. It is a sustainability concept that is just as appropriate today as it was half a millennium ago.”

Maintaining this perspective not only helps us make better decisions, but it also improves our mental and emotional state of being. Make yourself part of the larger picture – because you are – regardless of how you act or think. As much as we value freedom and independence, we are still social beings that thrive when we are part of something larger than ourselves. Be mindful that your actions not only affect those around you, but also those that you will never know.

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