Colloidal Silver (CS). Silver has been used for thousands of years to treat ailments. The Greeks and Romans used it on wounds, many cultures put silver coins in milk bottles or water canteens, and doctors put it in babies’ eyes just a couple of generations ago.

Now we can have generators in our homes for $150 that make a pure, powerful colloidal silver (CS) that cost us virtually nothing and is very easy to make.

CS can stop cancer on its own in two ways, depending on the situation:

  • It kills cancer cells that it comes in contact with.
  • Or it causes cancer cells to revert back to normal cells.

CS also stops all known pathogens that it comes in contact with, whether they be viral, bacterial, or fungal. So if someone is drinking CS daily, their immune system is freed up to fight cancer or other ailments that the CS cannot reach. The trick is getting the CS in contact with the pathogens or cancer cells, so it is taken daily, as it does not stay in the body.

I would not usually recommend buying CS, as many products on the market are useless and expensive. Like anything else, you really need to know your source. The best choice by far is to make your own CS, as it is far more cost effective.

For more information about colloidal silver, there are a great many resources on the internet. However, as it is very difficult to find trusted sources, I will include some here.

Below is a technical article that is written by trusted experts:

And my favorite device is the Silverpuppy. I recommend and use this device from their store:

Silver 9″ Microprocessor Controlled Programmable CS Generator

I also recommend a thermal stirrer, as it helps to keep the silver rods cleaner, and keeps the temperature more stable during those cold winter months. A thermal stirrer is something like a coffee warmer, providing just a little warmth to the bottom of the jar, and it only needs to be a little warmer than the room temperature, so usually 25 – 30C works fine.

I also strongly recommend a nebulizer, as it is one of the best ways to get CS into the body. I have been using the Magicfly Ultrasonic Nebulizer for a couple of years.

If you have lung cancer, you might be very interested in this video.