How to Use Clay Internally

This guide borrows from many experts, and attempts to make this complex topic as simple as possible. Clay is truly very easy and very powerful; however, it is also very complex and offers a wide range of protocols concoctions (different clays mixed with each other, and/or other healing substances).

  • NOTE: If you experience any uncomfortable effects from taking clay, pause clay use for a few days, and then resume again.
  • If this occurs more than a few times, switch taking clay from the morning to the evening. In this case, take clay at least one hour after the last meal.
  • Eventually, most people can take the clay both morning and evening, and up to 3 times a day, as that is most therapeutic for some conditions.

Preparing Clay for Drinking

The night before use, mix one teaspoonful (5ml, 5 grams, 5000mg, etc.) of clay in 500ml (2 cups) of water. I usually suggest that people start with half a teaspoon in a glass of water (200-250ml). It is the ratio (about 100:1) that is critical, and not the volume consumed, so please keep that in mind. [There are many other clay preparations – magmas, gels, poultices, etc., that use different ratios of water/clay, and we do not want to use those here]

  • NOTE: You can prepare larger quantities, such as a one liter (one quart) bottle, or larger, if this is more convenient for you.
  • Use a glass or high quality plastic (BPA free) shaker bottle with an air tight lid. Shake very well, until all of the clay is mixed with the water. Shaking is much better than stirring in a glass, as it is difficult to get the clay to dissolve without shaking. [Even if you think you have high quality plastic, it is best not to keep hydrated clay in it long-term].

Let the Clay Breathe!

Yes, let the hydrated clay breath by keeping the lid loosely covered. Do NOT do this with the clay powder, as that should always be kept air tight. (If you are making larger batches, don’t leave it open or loose for more than one night).

Store your hydrated clay mixture overnight at room temperature in a clean environment. If for any reason there would be excessive chemicals in the air, store the container sealed. Do not allow hydrated clay to remain in contact with any metals or cheap plastic.

Drink the Clay!

  1. First thing in the morning, shake the container well once again.
  2. Allow the clay to sit for a few minutes.
  3. Then drink all (500ml!!) of the clay water, leaving any sediment that has settled at the bottom of the container (Different clays have different amounts of grit and sediment. Drinking the grit/sediment won’t cause harm, but most people prefer to drink only the clay water itself. I like to save the pasty sediment for topical use or a mask.
  4. Can you drink 500ml (2 cups)? Many people may have already heard that drinking a lot of water when you first get up is good for you. If you cannot drink 2 cups, then drink what you can, and build up the amount eventually. The important thing is to get started, and try to be consistent.
  5. Drink clay in this manner daily for ten days or so. After that point your body should  now be adapted to the clay, and you can then begin to increase the amount.

ONE HOUR BEFORE FOOD: Try to wait one hour before eating breakfast (or any meal). One hour gives the clay a good chance to have therapeutic action on your system, and allows your stomach time to prepare for food.

TWO HOURS BEFORE MEDS: One hour is actually the time usually recommended for separating clay from any pharmaceuticals; however, two hours is an even better buffer if you can manage that. It can also be better to take the clay two hours after the meds in some cases. Research your specific medication.

By taking clay first thing in the morning, clay particles will be present during the first bile dump that occurs with breakfast. Because the body goes through a nightly cleansing cycle, there will be more heavy metals released via the bile in the morning compared to later in the day, so it is great to have clay there to capture them, and thus prevent reabsorption into the body.

Once again, keep in mind that some people do better with clay at night instead of in the morning. In either case, after a couple of weeks a person should be able to go on to the next phase, and increase both the amount of clay and the frequency. If you are ready to go to that next phase, follow the guidance below.

Phase II: Increasing Clay Consumption

Once your body is comfortable with the hydrated clay (a teaspoonful in 500ml of water) for at least ten days straight, you can feel confident to move on to higher amounts (done properly of course).

For some people, simply taking one teaspoonful of hydrated clay is enough, even if its only three to four times per week. It will resolve many issues, and is great to keep in your routine permanently, as long as you continue to respond well to it. For those with more serious issues, you can move on to the next level.


This is the easy part, because the only change from above is frequency. Take the clay at BOTH morning (at least one hour before breakfast) and at night (at least one hour after your last meal).

Notice that you would be taking 500ml (two cups) of hydrated clay twice a day. That is one liter (4 cups) of water that were not previously in your routine. Don’t feel pressured to hit these exact numbers, as people vary dramatically in size, diet, metabolism, wellness, etc., so always adjust for your situation. The IMPORTANT point is the ratio of clay and water, as that is what empowers the clay and protects you from dehydration. In fact, most people are dehydrated before starting clay, and the clay will help to hydrate you at the cellular level because it delivers minerals (electrolytes).

Again, allow your body to adapt to this situation and see how you feel. You should experience continued improvements with stool and any other digestive issues. Once again, after a week or two, you can try to go to the next step.


If all is going well with the clay, you can now add a 3rd dose to your routine. Once again, keeping everything the same as above, but simply adding another dose in the afternoon, before lunch or between lunch and dinner. Once again, adjust the actual amount you consume to fit your personal capacity.


If still more clay is needed, increase the amount of clay used per dose. You will now mix one tablespoon (15ml) per 500ml of clay. Changing from a teaspoon to a tablespoon is actually tripling the amount, so keep that in mind. For that reason, we step up slowly like this:

  • First, start with a tablespoonful of clay in the morning dose.
  • Then, increase to the tablespoonful dose twice daily.
  • Finally, increase the tablespoonful dose to three times daily.

And of course, once again, do not feel forced to consume 500ml of hydrated clay at each sitting. Adjust to your own personal capacity.

There are actually people that will use or recommend even higher doses; however, I find that difficult to justify, as we should be taking a holistic approach and using many other tools along with the clay, as we do in the Vitagenics Protocol.

For Food Intolerances

If you are having trouble tolerating certain foods, you can consume your clay near or with your food. This is an ancient practice that many people used to help keep them safe from questionable food sources, as the clay is then helping to detox the food.

Finally, you can use your hydrated clay simultaneously for both therapeutic use (away from meals), and to help with food intolerances, which means you might be drinking clay as often as six times a day. This doesn’t really affect the total quantity consumed, as you would just save some to drink with your meals. Just listen to your body, and adjust as needed.

Once again, take a holistic approach and use other tools along with the clay, as we do in the Vitagenics Protocol.


If you are suffering from BAM, BAD, IBS, IBD, Crohn’s, UC, etc., then definitely check out this video to learn more about how clay can help you: Managing BAM Naturally