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I think that ‘The Emotion Code’ is one of the most transformational books and methods that I could ever recommend to someone. Get the book, get the app, and if you want to dive even deeper, join their six month certification course to become a recognized practitioner.

Discover Healing

In addition to certifications in the Emotion Code, they have continuing education in this paradigm, and lots of free seminars, emails, newsletters, and more. It is a vibrant growing community that is helping more and more people every day. Here is an example of another bit of training that you can embark on:

Discover Healing

And if you are interested in my very short public review on Google maps, you can see that here.

“Wonderfully done. Great content, great support, and a truly powerful modality of healing. My interest and belief in energy healing goes back 40 years, and yet I never felt compelled or able to arm myself with such tools until I found the Emotion Code. This is not only a phenomenal healing technique, but also a gateway to unlocking your own potential. Dr. Nelson, his book, and this course are healing a lot of people. And now I can help more people too. The results are often startling, and it has filled in a gap in my holistic healing approach. I am very grateful that they have made this available, and that I was led to it.”

One of the great things about TEC (The Emotion Code) is simply that it introduces people to muscle testing, and does a great job of demystifying it. Most people either don’t believe in it, or think it is reserved only for a certain gifted people. However, this is not the case, as EVERYONE can learn to muscle test. It may not be easy at the start, but then again many people pick it up immediately. Ironically, I struggled a long time until I found my own preferred way to muscle test. There are many ways to do it, and TEC will introduce to so many of them. If you want to see something funny, watch me during one of my early practice sessions:

And remember, it doesn’t end here. This is just the beginning. Like all things, it is a continuing journey of discovery and healing There are other great methods that have been developed throughout history of course, and I mention lots of them as I give more context to TEC in this video:

Lots of great resources. Get the book. Watch the videos. Join the free seminars, and unlock your own potential using TEC. Or just contact me for a session 😉

Discover Healing

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