Is Silver a Heavy Metal?

I get asked a lot of questions about colloidal silver, and here is one good example:

If aluminum and other metals can get stuck in our body how come Colloidal silver can’t build up in our system the same way other metals and toxins do?

The answer is actually simple – it doesn’t have a strong positive charge. But let’s dive into the details to understand more clearly:

I love this question 😉 First, the ‘heavy metals’ that get stuck in our body… and almost all other toxins… have a very strong positive charge. They are strong positive ions, or more accurately, cations, which are single atoms or very small molecules. Colloidal silver is technically not an ion at all… if it is a pure colloid. But in truth, the very best colloidal silver (homemade) has very little ‘colloidal’ silver in it 😮 In fact, it has far more Ag+ = silver cations 😮 So… it sounds like homemade CS is a nightmare; however, Ag+ is very reactive, and it turns into silver chloride almost immediately in the gut… and also very quickly in the blood. Being very reactive is not the same as having a strong positive charge. The Ag+ only has a +1 charge, and it is quite happy being +1 😉 However, other things are attracted to it 😉

We actually wish it did not, because Ag+ has very powerful anti-pathogenic effects. In any case, silver ions or nano particles cannot hurt us because they do not remain in the body as free cations. Zeolite will in fact grab silver cation… but it is almost impossible to come in contact with them in vivo… and it will exchange it for a heavy metal because the heavy metals have much stronger positive charges.

A dream scenario is for zeolite to grab silver in vivo or in vitro (There are actually silver zeolites prepared this way, and you can theoretically do this just by consuming them together), then zeolite delivers the Ag+ deeper into the body… ideally to a biofilm, and drops the Ag+ there when it rips out a heavy metal from the biofilm… the ultimate combo. Both zeolite and CS are excellent against biofilms. We don’t need to do this combo, but the point is that it can only be helpful, and cannot be harmful. I discuss some of this in detail with Marjo for about 2hrs 😮

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  1. Thank you! This answers my question perfectly. I needed to know whether or not to take my zeolite and colloidal silver together or at opposite ends of the day. Your article has pointed me in the better direction.

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