A Turning Point?

Victory! It is rare that justice is actually served, but we just got a good taste of it, and it could be a huge turning point. This week the world was abuzz with the news of a landmark legal victory against Monsanto and their glyphosate product.

“Court finds in favor of Dewayne Johnson, first person to take Roundup maker to trial.” Monsanto was ordered to pay $289 Million by a jury that ruled the Roundup weedkiller (which is the glyphosate product) was the cause of the man’s cancer.

Now, we have already known for decades that glyphosate causes cancer and a host of other horrible problems for humans, the environment, and all other life on the planet.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has already made their public declaration, along with countless other organizations across the globe.

But this is the first time that someone has sued and won against Monsanto. And there are thousands and thousands of others that are preparing to sue. This is only the beginning.

California has already banned glyphosate, and many other places are following. Costa Rica has been banning public spraying in many areas, and continues to move forward in that direction; although the people still need to be educated and motivated to follow and enforce these bans.

We, the people, need to be proactive in stopping glyphosate. Not only from Monsanto’s Roundup product, but from all the copycat glyphosate products that now far outnumber Roundup. Let this court ruling give us more momentum, ammunition, and knowledge. Read and listen below to get some insights on what happened and what it means…

See Sally Fallon Morrel discuss it on her Facebook Live recording here:

And here to listen to Jeffrey M. Smith…

The news is everywhere, and while such things are usually supressed, this victory is news that is too big to ignore; especially as it comes just after Bayer acquired Monsanto.

NPR News: Terminally Ill Man Awarded $289 Million In Lawsuit Against Monsanto.

The Guardian (UK): Monsanto Ordered to Pay $289 Million…

There are countless news sources, but be warned… Monsanto will fight back through the media to try to change the narrative. Do not let them pull you from the truth. Monsanto and the other companies selling glyphosate have long known that it is killing people. Protect yourself by getting educated on how to avoid it and how to combat its disastrous effects.

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