Being Human

What does it mean to be human? In this post we take a closer look and, and hopefully help you better understand who you really are, and how to maximize your wellness and reach your full potential.

No matter who you are – no matter your race, religion, creed, culture, economic status, etc., the factors below define and influence your existence. These are some of the things that make you human…

The Moon

The moon has always been part of human existence, and because of that our biological functions are impacted by its cycle in many ways. One of the most profound ways to see this impact is through Lunaception. For women, they can easily see how their cycle, hormones, moods, etc., are tied to the moon, and if they spent several months sleeping with only moonlight, their cycle would align with the moon, just as it has for all of human history. In our ‘artificial’ world we can still simulate the light (and darkness) of the moon cycle, and this too will alter a woman’s cycle and improve her wellness.

But what about men? Is there such a thing as a monthly cycle for them?

Yes, there is. If you think that only women are affected by the moon, think again. Our understanding of biophysics, quantum biology, etc., is just beginning.

The Sun

The impact of the sun on human health is a bit more obvious, but we still overlook some key factors. Just like the moon, the sun has an enormous impact on our biological systems.

Humans have always risen with the sunrise and slept shortly after sunset. And when we stray too far from that cycle, we see degeneration in health. If you want to improve your sleep and more, try to correct your circadian rhythm (24 hour cycle).

The Seasons

For optimum health, our diet should change with the seasons, just as it has throughout our entire evolution. In addition to aligning our diet with the foods that are most nutritious during each season, our body will have different needs.

Even in places where the climate doesn’t change much, there are still seasonal fruits and vegetables. Eating seasonal is also best for the planet.


The most nutritious foods will always be those that are local – and even more so if they are indigenous, as the plants and animals that evolved in an area have adapted to maximize their own health in that environment.

Where you live also has an impact very similar to the seasons. You can enjoy a bit more carbohydrates during the warmer seasons or areas, as your body is likely to make better use of them during that time.

What About Genetics?

Your DNA does not matter as much as you think it does. Epigenetics has shown us that we are not a slave to our DNA, and furthermore, our growing understanding of the microbiome (gut biome) has shown us that being human is a combination of our human DNA and our microbiome DNA. Thus, you can greatly alter your genetic potential by controlling your microbiome; and you do that by eating healthy.

Your DNA is not irrelevant though; so knowing your heritage can be a big help in finding a diet that fits you best. We are all different; but again, we can alter who we are to a great extent. Find the foods that fit you best now, and as you evolve. Listen to your body… it knows what it needs.

Physical Activity 

Humans are meant to move. We need to be active in order to maintain optimal health. It is not just for strengthening bones and muscle, but also to activate and optimize many internal functions, such as our lymphatic system.

Sitting in a chair is an unnatural position, so avoid it as much as possible. Find ways to keep your body moving and you will see and feel changes in your wellness.


No, this is not about Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Humans need physical proximity with other humans. We are social creatures, and spending time with other humans has important physical consequences, as well as the obvious emotional and psychological benefits.

We actually exchange microbes and DNA with other humans (and animals!); which helps to diversify and strengthen our immune system.


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