Electric Medicine

The Roman did it. The Greeks too. Many cultures, over thousands of years have used electricity as a treatment for some type of ailment. Early in history this was mostly limited to electric eels, as that was the only controllable source of electricity available. In recent decades we have seen a wide range of electric medicine, and while not all of it is useful there are a few things that are amazing…

Perhaps the most powerful treatment I know of is the ‘Beck Protocol’ which was created by Dr. Robert Beck. Yes I know everyone excited about iTeraCare right now, and that is great; however, in many situations the devices of the Beck Protocol will still be my first choice, as it has over twenty years of proven success at this point.

Dr. Beck was a scientist that dedicated a large part of his life to empowering others. Not only did he figure out a way to cure any type of disease, but he figured out how to make it work under almost any conditions, and at the lowest costs possible.  He published and distributed all of his findings and designs, and gave presentations, demonstrations, etc., in the hope of empowering others. And his Beck Protocol was developed after a lifetime of stellar achievements as a proven physicist, engineer, scientist, and overall good guy.

The Beck Protocol has four components:

  • Colloidal Silver
  • Ozonated Water
  • Blood Electrification
  • Magnetic Pulsing

Each of those is very powerful on their own, and when used together the right way they have a synergistic effect. I have experienced and witnessed the impact of this protocol since 2005, and researched even longer. It is impressive to say the least – being used to cure all types of cancer, HIV, Lyme, and many other diseases. But don’t take my word for it – You can see some video testimonials and video introductions here:

And more information at this site:

And I purchased my devices from Sota Instruments at www.sota.com. That links directly to their ‘Sota Wellness Kit’ which is the Beck Protocol. They do have some other good devices, but that kit is the key.

The Sota devices are very reliable, but you could build your own for almost nothing; although they will not be as good as the Sota devices. I am still using all my devices that I purchased years ago (Update; my ozone generator finally died after more than ten years of use). With the devices on hand, there is no cost to us, other than the negligible cost of distilled water. However, it does take time, planning, and a daily commitment. With that, most ailments are cured within a few months (according to countless testimonials).

I don’t expect anyone to believe such wild claims, and you shouldn’t. Do the research. Challenge anyone that claims they have a cure for anything. Everyone is different, and so there are no promises or guarantees to be made.  I am simply sharing my experiences and research.

You will see Dr. Beck mentioned elsewhere on Vitagenics, as I also use his ‘Brain Tuner’ on occasion. That is another form of electric medicine that is used for very different purposes, and is discussed a bit here, where I show the scientific evidence of Mind Over Matter.

The body is indeed electric, and other basic things that help us maintain a healthy ‘electric’ state are sunshine, grounding, good air, and good water. With a good environment and good food I hope to need none of these other tools. Still, it is good to have them on hand, just in case.

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