iTeraCare and Root Cause


I’ve been asked a few times about what iTeraCare does to the body, or to a particular ailment. Here is a short summary of some of the key points.

There are actually a lot of different ways that iTeraCare addresses the root cause, and I love to talk about all of it. Starting with the simple principle that the root of everything is due to toxicity and/or malnutrition, you have several ways that the iTeraCare device address that:

  1. You are structuring all fluids in the body, and thus increasing the bodies ability to both detox and nourish in a very big way; 
  2. The heat can really increase flow further, on top of the benefits of structuring, as we know from other heat therapies; 
  3. It improves the folding performance of proteins, which again increases the body’s ability to nourish (because many nutrients require proteins as carriers, etc.); 
  4. It increases stem cell generation, which helps the body heal faster; 
  5. It seems to trigger DNA self repair, and collagen self repair; 
  6. It is very likely helping you to detox from EMF exposure.

There are many other points that could be listed; however, the key point is that it is dramatically increasing the body’s own ability to self repair. It is because it helps in these fundamental ways that we see anything and everything being affected.

The device itself does not cure or heal anything… it is just empowering and uninhibiting the human body. It’s a very complex topic, and we don’t have all the technical info about the device, so that makes it even more tricky to explain.

There is a lot of marketing material out there is is incorrect, as it discusses the idea that the device is ‘attacking’ something, or killing ‘bad’ cells with its terahertz gap frequency. This is false. It is true that heat will kill many things; however, that is not related to what I have listed above, and it is not nearly as important as what is listed above. Heat can feel amazing, and be very helpful for some people; especially for managing symptoms. Heat can also be great against some pathogens, similar to the way our body uses a fever to combat illness.

The bottom line is that the primary power of the device is in its ability to restore your body’s capacity for healing. Even the manufacturer states clearly that this is not a medical device and does not treat or cure anything. In truth, it does not need to do that, because your body is extremely powerful when its potential is unlocked.

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