The iTeraCare devices are truly remarkable, and yet we know very little about them. Sadly, marketing and translation issues have created a very confusing and muddled picture of how the device works, and there has been no engineering information released from the manufacturer.
From what I have been able to deduce, there are TWO core technologies in the iTeraCare device – the Terahertz GAP frequency generator, and the special crystal tube. It should be noted that this is not simply a ‘terahertz’ device, as all visible light is terahertz, as are red light saunas, NIR and FIR devices, and many others. The iTeraCare device is using a very special and very tiny portion of the terahertz range, which we refer to as the ‘Terahertz gap’ because we don’t have consumer technology that can access it (other than this iTeraCare device).
There is also heat generated from the device and a blue light; however, these are not core technologies, as any cheap device can generate heat and blue light. I would like to help people understand better, as the marketed idea of ‘Three Core Technologies’ is not elucidated in any sensible or technical manner.
What is ‘probably’ happening (according to what I can see) is that they are running that special terahertz gap frequency through the crystal tube, which is supercharging the crystal, and thus our bodies are receiving the terahertz gap frequencies and something quite special (scalar energy) from the crystal tube.
To say ‘Quantum’ without any clarification has no meaning… the same for ‘Crystal,’ and most of the marketing even has the Terahertz wrong, because they don’t mention the ‘Gap.’ So let’s at least understand what is special about the TWO core technologies:
1. Terahertz Gap frequency: This device produces a very narrow terahertz frequency within 1-30THz, which has never been possible in a consumer device before. I’ve seen it stated that they actually focus between 2-17THz. This is indeed unprecedented, and has no equal at even ten times the cost (as of 2022).
2. Unique Crystal Tube. I can understand that they have probably developed a very special crystal formulation, because China has a lot of rare earth minerals, and crystal technology is something that science is only beginning to embrace and understand. (I’ve seen marketing materials say that they are using over a hundred rare earth minerals, but that is again marketing nonsense, as there are less than twenty elements classified as ‘rare earth’ and a similar number for the mineral deposits that contain them. Still, China has been very keen on their acquisition and research of rare earth elements and crystals).
The ‘Quantum’ that they allude to is not likely a core technology, but rather an effect generated by combining the other two technologies (as the frequency passes through the crystal tube), and could be one or several things: 
  • Transfer of energy signatures imbued in the crystal (similar to homeopathy)
  • Scalar energy (ki, chi, prana, orgone, tachyon, etc.)
  • Inducing quantum effects in our biology
  • etc.
I can see all of those being possible, but I cannot confirm because we have no actual scientific or engineering information about the device.

The blue light, the heat, and the airflow are mostly irrelevant, when compared to the two core technologies explained above. Moxibustion (heat over acupuncture points) appears in the marketing too, as does a lot about ‘heating the bones’ and such; however, I must stress again that this is NOT where the magic happens. Sure, there can be some benefit from the heat and using the device for moxibustion, but it is irrelevant when compared to what this device is doing for people.

I trust this device 100%, but I have yet to find a video or PDF that is not riddled with errors and/or nonsense, and thus I spend a lot of time making my own content for my clients. If anyone knows of any ‘good’ content, or scientific resources, please let me know!
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I’ll update this page if I can get any useful scientific insights from a reliable source.

7 thoughts on “iTeraCareTech”

  1. Hello. I am based in Johannesburg, South Africa. do you deliver in South Africa or where can I buy .the Classic TeraHertz

  2. I too have attempted to research this product, scientific papers, reviews and engineering specs with little success. There are many claims by people worldwide promoting sales through dubious science that remind me of snake oil salesmen of yesteryear.
    There are a handful of reviewed papers that support potential benefits, but all indicate that further blind testing be considered. I am interested in anything you discover down the road. Thanks

    1. The testimonials with animals put all doubt to rest. It is for real; although finding any independent scientific studies will never happen for a commercial product that challenges big business. I have over 60 videos so far, to help people understand the possibilities of why this works and how it might be doing it. I do with we had more transparency of course, so hopefully more information will come out eventually.

  3. I have been looking at the itera wand for awhile. I saw the Cellnergy one yesterday and then saw your video about it which you basically say the bad things about it are the same things you are saying above about the itera one.

    1. Yep, Prife is terrible too with marketing nonsense; however, their marketing appeared first, and Cellnergy adds even more ridiculous nonsense on top of the false marketing that they copied.

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