MMS: Miracle Mineral Supplement?

Is MMS a miracle supplement?

NO. I explain my opinion in this article.

OK, so here is a response that I wrote about 8 years ago to the question of using MMS (aka Miracle Mineral Supplement, Chlorine Dioxide, and other names). MMS, this idea of a ‘miracle supplement’ has been around for decades, and is really great for some people; however it is actually quite toxic and highly reactive, and thus too risky for me to ever recommend. We have many things that are really great for some people (PBX, CS, etc.), so I have no reason to risk promoting MMS to anyone… and I have many reasons to give caution. One example is that chlorine is known to be a very dangerous mix with fulvic and humic acids, which are excellent for health. It seems that I have to repeat the MMS risks a few times a year 😉 Nothing has happened in the last 8 years to change my mind, so here is my original text from back then:

“I am not a chemist, but here is my opinion that I have shared with others in the past:

I am sure that MMS works for many people, and I do not doubt that it could potentially cure almost anything. However, I cannot recommend it or use it with what I currently know. Of course I am still ignorant, but here are some of the reasons why I would not use it:

1. MMS can be dangerous. It can do direct damage to the body, interact with other chemicals, drugs, etc. It is too unpredictable, and thus the risk is simply too high for me.

2. To my knowledge, MMS cannot do anything that colloidal silver (CS) cannot do, but CS has zero risk, is cheaper, predictable, and is guaranteed to be effective. (of course levels of effectiveness vary, depending on the ailment)

3. MMS can also be compared to ozonated water (because it uses oxidizing effects), but again, the ozonated water has zero risk, is cheaper, more predictable, and is guaranteed to be effective.

4. MMS has the same limitations that both CS and ozonated water have – in that they cannot directly target lymph, nervous systems, etc. However, CS and ozonated water contribute directly to strengthening the immune system, and thus have a direct impact on all health. MMS can potentially achieve this too, but that is not certain, since it can act as a toxin, and thus have the opposite effect.

5. I might sound too harsh, but I would compare MMS more to chemo. It isn’t of course, but it is a chemical that can have a toxic effect on the body. It can have a very rapid impact, but I am not sure how good that is, since it is purely a ‘killing’ action, and does not enhance the body’s ability to repair. Both CS and Ozone provide direct ‘killing’ and greatly enhance the body’s ability to defend and repair.

6. I would be afraid to use MMS with other treatments, since it is a chemical that I am not familiar enough with. Thus, I cannot add it to the things I am doing. CS and Ozonated water work great with a variety of other treatments and protocols.

7. Perhaps the greatest single problem – MMS is often cited as causing gut problems for people, and that is not good, since the gut is the heart of our immune system. By contrast, CS has no negative impact on the gut, and is used to treat various gut ailments. (CS is absorbed very rapidly in the gut, and normal consumption of kefir, yogurt, fermented foods, etc. ensure that CS has no negative impact on gut flora).

Again, I wouldn’t doubt that MMS can save lives in places where no other options are available, but putting that energy into getting CS (or other treatments) is a much better long-term solution IMHO.


If you need more context to understand what I am saying, watch my video, “The Context of Miracle Cures.”

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