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It have a very interesting correspondence from about 6 years ago that is a great reminder about drawing conclusions prematurely. It also shows you how long I have held the same strong holistic perspective. I’ve been thinking like this for decades, but still it is interesting to see something from six years ago that I would write the same way today. We must maintain a balanced perspective; a holistic perspective. This will give you more insights into my course (Heal. Shield. Live.) and my Vitagenics Protocol.

This was my response to someone that believed colloidal silver was failing to stop a virus or a CRE (CRE is similar to MSRA… bacteria that are resistant to all known pharmaceutical drugs). The individual was drawing the wrong conclusions, because they had the wrong context. There was a longer exchange, but I share here only my final response. I share this response to remind people that you need to always keep a holistic perspective. I have hidden only the name of the individual I was responding too, to protect their privacy:

Dear Person,

I am certainly sorry about your troubles with that nasty virus, and I respect your experience. But I think you are misunderstanding my point in responding to you. I would like to help you cure what ails you, and I feel compelled to protect other readers.

There could be an infinite number of things that are responsible for ill health. Maybe you cook in Teflon pans, or maybe there is a methane leak or cell tower near your home, or an allergen in your diet, or perhaps some nutrient deficits, or some combination of any or all these factors and more. Question those factors, and not the CS.

Hell, for three years I thought CS was failing me every spring, until I finally realized that I had become allergic to cedar. Never had hay fever before. I laugh at that now, but I was cursing back then 😉

When I start feeling bad, I do not suspect the failing of my CS, but rather begin looking for other factors. Of course bad CS, inadequate CS, or poorly administered CS are always possibilities, but I do not question whether or not CS is itself effective.

You have said many times that CS is not effective against viruses, and this blanket statement is patently false. Your passion and words may discourage newcomers, and that would be sad. More importantly, as you have pointed out, and as I agree, the mind is a powerful thing. Thus, the first step is believing that CS can and is helping you fight that virus. Keep the positive energy flowing.

Even if your virus was absolutely proven to be 100% immune to silver (and no pathogen has), your statement would still be false. Why? Because CS will combat other pathogens in your body, thus reducing the burden on your immune system and enabling it to bring more guns to bear on that nasty virus. All of us are always loaded with many pathogens. And if you believe in Becker’s perspective, and dare I say the FDA, silver is a something that the body actively uses.

As for the definition of a virus, I found the comments by Ode and Marshal to be backing my statements about viruses, as I have stated the same about viruses to you before, and a search of the archives will reveal that. Not sure why you felt that they were backing you up. Dead or alive or unclassified, it is well documented that viruses are stopped by CS. The factors involved in completely eradicating a virus from the human body are complex, and CS is not going to completely eradicate anything all by itself.

In short, if it appears that CS is not working, do not assume that CS does not work. Look at other factors, and see if you can figure out why the CS does not appear to be effective.

Like Phil, I am a user of the Beck Protocol, and I would strongly recommend that you look into that for a permanent cure of your virus. And please consider all those other factors. I do not think that any of us live in a pristine world with a perfect diet. Oh, and look to the Weston Price foundation for dietary guidance.

Wishing you good health,


My approach, perspective, protocol, etc., has stood the test of time… for a long time. I am always researching and adding new tools to my arsenal, and I will continue to do so. My experiences from both past and present can give you the confidence you need to heal from whatever is ailing you. Come join my Vitagenics group in Facebook if you want to see healing in action!

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