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Testing: The Power and Deception

You’ve probably seen me write many times that I do NOT like testing. Let me start to explain with a couple of hints from some popular people:

“As far as I can tell, the best way to assure nutrient adequacy is not with testing, but with adequate nutrient consumption.”

– Dr. Catherine Shanahan, M.D.
From her book, Deep Nutrition:
Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food

“…folks that were told they had the CREB1 gene (linked to superior aerobic exercise capacity), whether or not they actually had that gene, did better on the treadmill test.”
– Ben Greenfield

“MTHFR is just a riboflavin deficiency”
– Dr. Chris Masterjohn

Fame does not make anyone correct, but it does show that this information is rather mainstream and well accepted. I also suggest that you watch my video, where I discuss those quotes listed above:

Humans still have no idea what they are talking about with regards to science. We are still babies. Do you think we will look back one thousand years from now and say “Wow, those guys were amazing!” No, they will say “Wow, those guys were idiots!” I don’t mean you… I mean the doctors, scientists, etc. that treat testing as if it is reliable data. It is not reliable at all (although that doesn’t mean that it is useless).

To begin with, the standards by which nutritional tests are measured are more than a bit nonsensical. The US RDA is a product of politics and business interests. We know this for a fact, as we know that all healthy cultures in history consumed much more of the critical nutrients. If your diet meets 200% of the US RDA, you will still be malnourished in most cases. Consumption is only one issue, and the numbers are further compromised by absorption, and then again by metabolites, and yet again by isomers, and yet again by toxic interference, and so on, and so on, and so on. Testing will confuse you, mislead you, increase fear, and keep you on the leash of doctors that do not understand wellness or nutrition.

You must use the science in a different way… for example we know that we cannot get enough magnesium from our foods… so you are almost certainly deficient… and yes, different parts of your body have different sensitivity. Start trying to listen to your body more and the tests less. Your doctors have a lot of knowledge, so challenge them and question them to pull the knowledge out of them. Some will surprise with their ignorance, and others will surprise you with insights. You are the best person to heal you, so keep learning how to listen to your body, and keep gathering knowledge.

I actually love testing that can empower you… monitoring your own stool, urine, pH, skin, nails, eye color, mucus flow, and most of all muscle testing… all things that you can do yourself, and thus empower yourself and put you on a path to develop your intuition. Of course we are not experts that can automatically understand what our body is telling us, but we can learn. Putting the effort, and trust, into our own body and intuition empowers us more and more… empowers us to a point that you cannot likely even imagine yet. Start on that inward journey and begin taking back your power.

And don’t undermine your own efforts by seeking labels. I don’t have to care about cancer, or any other ‘disease’ because the treatment for everything has the same foundation – nourish and detox. If I need something more urgent, my body will tell me, and then I have many tools I can use. So I live without any fear… I know I am unkillable, and that knowledge alone greatly increases the probability that I am right 😎 …because your beliefs create your reality… so you want to be careful to remove all things that distort your beliefs in negative ways (i.e. testing). If you are seeking testing, it is very likely a sign that you already have a faulty belief – you have a fear that you should strive to remove, as fear is a potent toxin.

In some cases there are tests that can be really helpful, but you must first begin from a position of power, so that the tests truly serve you, and not the doctors that already have too much influence over you. Learn to make testing your tool, not theirs.

The Only Constant is Change. Who you are today is not who you were yesterday. In addition to all the issues I mentioned above, testing is influenced by the time of day, month, and year, your mood, the amount of sun you got, how well electrically grounded you are that day, the light, sound, air, and water pollution you are exposed to on that day, what you eat, what you digest, what you absorb, etc., etc.

For a specific example of how even a home test kit gets used by a company to usurp your power, read my article on Viome here. If testing is going to create fear or give others power over you, it is better to avoid it altogether.

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