Wound Healing

I had a motorcycle accident a couple of weeks ago and suffered a severe gash on my knee. No broken bones, but the gash was severe and probably needed twenty stitches or so. If you are brave and want to see the photo without the blur, you can click here. Other than that, and some bad bruises and sprains, I am fine. The leg is keeping me immobile for now, but I will be back on the motorcycle in a few more days.

Unfortunately I had nothing immediately available to me when I crashed, so I could not close the wound. I needed stitches, but only had paper towels handy. Crazy glue works great for closing wounds in an emergency, but I didn’t have that either.  No butterfly bandages, not even tape. No worries though, because I did have colloidal silver handy.

I kept the wound covered and moist with colloidal silver, and eventually I got some masking tape and gauze to cover the wound. I never did get stitches (or Crazy Glue), so I could not close the wound tightly. I will be left with a large scar, but ten days later the wound remains uninfected and is healing well:

I do not recommend doing what I did – always try to close the wound with stitches, butterfly bandages, Crazy Glue, or whatever. Closing the would prevents excessive scar tissue, protects the underlying tissues, and greatly reduces the threat of infection. People die from infection, so you want to treat all wounds seriously.

Colloidal silver kept me safe and helped to heal the wound in this case. Ironically, I had a ‘minor’ cut and scrape on my elbow, which I ignored, and that became infected on the 3rd day. Swelling, pain, and fever for about half a day, but then I put colloidal silver on it and was fine in about six hours.

Being the fool that I am, I continued to neglect my elbow, and two days later the infection flared up again – same thing – swelling, pain, fever. So again I used colloidal silver, and this time I kept it on the wound for at least a full day. No more infections, and that wound has already completely healed. Nothing to see there except for some new pink skin.

In situations like this it is important to also drink colloidal silver (if you have it available). It gets absorbed into your bloodstream, and so it will find its way to the wound.

Be safe. Always have a first aid kit available.

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    1. Hey hey Rebecca 😉 I recommend that you get a device to make your own CS (colloidal silver), as it is exponentially more cost effective. Once you have the device, it cost almost nothing to make as much CS as you want, so you can give large volumes to others if you want. Buying products are risky and cost prohibitive. I have links in this article to the device that I always recommend:

      And some more CS info here:

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