Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS).

POTS (a type of dysautonomia) is a very serious and debilitating condition that remains a mystery for standard medicine. If you are diagnosed with POTS by a doctor, you have most likely been told that there is no treatment or cure. Fortunately, that is not true. There are many ways to improve and eliminate POTS for good, and I will cover what I believe are some critical approaches. What I cover here is certainly not everything, as there are a great many small things that one can do to manage symptoms; however, these are what I would consider the most important for addressing the likely root causes of POTS:

  1. Magnesium
  2. Hydration
  3. Grounding, Earthing
  4. Zeolite (addresses heavy metals, mold)
  5. Colloidal Silver (addresses pathogens)
  6. Zinc/Copper Balance

Everything I present here is related to restoring balance, to restoring the natural human state. The easiest way I can present it is to explain it as either nutritional deficiency, toxic overload, or a combination of both (which is highly likely). Reviewing my short video The Context of Miracle Cures (23 minutes) will help to establish that context, and it also introduces several of the topics. Moving forward, I will discuss each in more detail:

1. Magnesium

POTS can often be resolved with magnesium alone. Most of us in the ‘modern’ world are grossly deficient, and it can take months to reestablish appropriate magnesium levels. I have two videos on it, and magnesium oil is the best way to get magnesium. If you have super sensitive skin, you can take magnesium supplements. Considering POTS is a serious situation, I would do both anyway. Start slowly and build up over time.

For more perspective, I strongly recommend this short article by Dr. Carolyn Dean, the author of one of my favorite books, ‘The Magnesium Miracle.’ A nice quote from that article:

“There are no scientific studies to back up my idea that POTS can be related to a magnesium deficiency, but it’s easy enough for you to find out for yourself. Slowly and carefully introduce magnesium-rich foods or magnesium citrate powder and slowly build up your magnesium reserves and see what you find out. It’s worth a try when you learn that there is no medical treatment for POTS.”

Note that while I love the above quote, I actually would not recommend just food or magnesium citrate as the solutions, because you may not actually absorb much magnesium from them. Many people have digestive issues that disrupt absorption, and this problem exists because our food supply has become deficient in magnesium. Dr. Dean actually recommends alternatives too in her book, and chief among them are the magnesium chloride that I explain in my videos above. The citrate is a cheap available version that can help many people, but not all.

In summary, I strongly recommend the magnesium oil, and that can be augmented with epsom salt baths (which are also excellent for detox and sulfur), and a supplement such as MagSRT.

2. Hydration

The 2nd key issue is hydration, and it is somewhat linked to magnesium because proper hydration requires sufficient electrolytes (minerals). Hydration is not just drinking water. I have a series of videos that explains cellular hydration, and this is often an issue related to POTS. You must remember that we are electrical creatures, so try to think of yourself as a battery. That battery needs water, and as you will see in my videos, water is far more complex and important than you might imagine. I recommend watching all of my hydration videos in this playlist. Most of the videos are about 10 minutes long.

I do NOT recommend any commercial electrolyte drinks, as they tend to be loaded with unnatural ingredients that can do more long-term harm. Avoid these dangerous shortcuts. They might be great for an athlete as an immediate assist during extreme duress, but they are not suitable for sustaining wellness and eliminating POTS. You will understand this more after watching the above videos.

Two things that I would like to emphasize again are the water structuring and the minerals:

  • Get a device, or make a device to structure water. There are many different options, as there are many different ways to structure water. One of the most convenient is the iTeraCare device, because it can be pointed at anything, including the body, which is a huge advantage. Perhaps even better is a Somavedic device, although it is more expensive. I urge you read that post, which discusses Somavedic and EMFs, and will provide a link to my video discussion.
  • Many people make the mistake of drinking distilled water, and this should be avoided. Distilled water is excellent to assure it is clean, but you must restore the mineral content of the water in some way. Also note that many ‘excellent’ filters do a very good job of removing almost everything, so filtered water can also be ‘too hungry’ and pull minerals from your body.  This is really only an issue if you are drinking lots of water, as all your other fluids will have lots of minerals (kefir, broth, lemon water, etc.). If you are a coffee or tea drinker, this could be an issue for you, as they will not provide much to ‘fill’ the distilled or filtered water (unless you are adding milk, honey, etc, in which case you will be fine. I would suggest watching the ‘water’ videos in my iTeraCare playlist.

3. Grounding, Earthing

I talk about this in many of my videos, and yet I do not have a separate video for it, perhaps because it is so fundamental to other issues. It is a critical part of any holistic approach to wellness in my opinion. As I have mentioned above, we are electrical beings, and our modern world has short-circuited our system by keeping us disconnected from the earth. This is not a hypothetical issue, but a hard scientific fact – we need to be grounded more than modern civilization allows us to be. So get your feet on the earth, or find ways to compensate. There are grounding mats, special shoes, etc., that can help you achieve this; however, the very best solution is to spend more time barefoot; especially on the earth if you can. Take a look at these three short videos:

I cover a wide range of topics in the above, with only small mention of grounding, and I hope you can understand how important it is within each context. The last video discusses EMF early on, which is a related topic, and something that a POTS person should definitely pay attention to in my opinion.

One more related topic to grounding is sunshine and NIR/FIR therapy (or red light therapy). Get as much sunshine as you can, and make sure you are grounded while doing so, as that will optimize your sun exposure. It is even better if you can get your feet in the water, and I have a one minute video here to comment on that. Sunshine does a lot more than you think, and while the Vitamin D production is very important, the electrical impact is often forgotten about. To compensate for the lack of sunshine, many people are using infrared saunas and smaller NIR/FIR red light devices to combat many illnesses with great success. The sun is is your goal, but if it is unavailable to you in sufficient quantities, you might want to consider devices such as the Sota Lightworks (my top choice) or a Joov.

4. Zeolite: Detoxing Heavy Metals, Mold, Mycotoxins

This is where we now look at the the other side of the equation – the toxic overload that our bodies are not able to handle on their own. Heavy metal toxicity and mold mycotoxins have long been a difficult problem to deal with, and both are largely a problem of our industrialized modern world. We all suffer from these two things, and some of us suffer more than others. The heavy metals can often be identified as the root cause for many ailments, as their presence causes dysbiosis throughout our body, which then leads to nutritional deficiencies and imbalances via digestion and absorption problems.

In any case, in recent years we have discovered a relatively easy way to deal with heavy metals and mold in our body. Zeolite, similar to clay, is something that nature provides; although there are synthetic versions that should be avoided, and even the specific natural version (Clinoptilolite) needs special processing to unlock its full power. Sadly, there are countless scam products that take advantage of the scientific evidence to market inferior products. Good zeolite products are few and far between.

In my years of research and use, I have found only one retail product that I am completely confident in, and I use it myself. I would recommend using both the micronized liquid zeolite (for the digestive tract) and the nano liquid zeolite (for a cellular detox). I have been seeing remarkable results from these products since 2020.

I have seen this zeolite as a real game changer for many people, as the heavy metals are often a remaining root issue that never gets addressed. Heavy metals can block the minerals you need!

Along with that, I would strongly suggest this Super Green Juice powder. While I normally try to direct people toward whole foods, this completely organic mix of 44 superfoods provides detox support and nutrition that can make a huge difference in how you feel; especially since most of us are struggling to get proper nutrition. The issue of food access has become even more troublesome this year (2020).

One other helpful item to consider, which really should have its own section is fulvic acid. I include it here, because like the zeolites and clay that I mention above, it is a very potent detox tool, and it can be used with the other things mentioned here. In fact, this Fulvic Minerals Plus has the micronized zeolite (PB) in it, along with minerals from sea algae.

5. Colloidal Silver

Some theories on POTS attribute the issue to a viral or microbial problem; however, I do not personally agree with that. In any case, most of us are carrying an abnormally large pathogenic load, and this can be significantly reduced with colloidal silver. It might seem odd to recommend a ‘metal’ after explaining about zeolite, but in fact, silver and zeolite actually work together very well (as do silver and clay, and even all three together). I have two videos to introduce and detail the power of colloidal silver:

If you still have any doubt about colloidal silver, I suggest you watch my COVID-19 video, and jump to the 7 minute mark, where I show manufacturer product info that promotes the power of silver.

6. Copper Overload & Zinc Deficiency

Copper and zinc are what we call antagonists, and need to be in a certain balance within our body. We have countless such antagonistic relationships, but copper and zinc have an especially hard relationship in our modern world because copper is everywhere, and zinc is hard to get. Thus, for many people, this is a terribly imbalanced relationship.

If copper is really high, we cannot simply dump zinc in our body to create balance, as that can have adverse side effects. The zinc will cause the copper to ‘come out’ and cause trouble, but it will not bind to it; it will not detox it. Detoxing copper takes a long time, as is the case with heavy metals, and zinc will actually exasperate the problem if you are not careful. But you need to get your zinc level up, so how do we fix this? One potential answer is with the zeolite mentioned above, and more importantly, with sulfur, or MSM specifically, which I explain in detail here:

MSM is amazing for many reasons. With MSM and zeolite added into your routine, you can now supplement more safely with zinc as you slowly detox the copper. The sulfur (MSM) is the real workhorse in helping to detox the copper, and it is unknown how helpful the zeolite can actually be, because other heavy metals would likely displace the copper anyway. The effectiveness of the zeolite depends on your total heavy metal toxicity. But MSM will greatly help with copper toxicity no matter what the situation is.


I believe that the 6 points above are a feasible task for anyone to implement, and they should resolve any potential issue that is behind POTS. In my opinion, POTS is not something innate to an individual, and can be permanently ‘cured’ by addressing the root causes. Of the 6 points I list above, points 5 & 6 (Zeolite & CS) are the things that should eliminate POTS for good. However, if you want to keep POTS away forever, you will need to do one more thing – you must eat a proper diet. Eating healthy is not as difficult as you think, but it does take some effort. In addition, you need to be aware of all the unseen dangers that can make you vulnerable to POTS or anything else. I have an online course to guide you through that – to empower you to protect yourself. At least watch the free 5 minute video and download the one page guide, and that should help you to be more aware.

More Opinions, Conclusion, etc.

Even among the popular ‘natural’ treatments that I have seen for POTS, I failed to see much that actually addresses the root causes. I was quite dismayed to watch both doctors and laypersons go into great detail about the endless symptoms, physiological and neurological issues, and the ‘treatments’ that only are designed to help manage symptoms. I wanted to suggest watching or reading some other health practitioners, but I was unable to find much that I felt was suitable (there are some good links that I have below). I’m sure there is some good info out there, so let me know if you find it.

There are some other important things that I could discuss, such as developing better vagal nerve tone via breathing practices, yoga, meditation, etc., and I do think those things should be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. Acupuncture is another ‘neat trick’ that could possibly provide a lot of help; however, such things would only be temporary, as your human body needs what it needs to function properly. In this case, magnesium is the key factor, followed closely by other electrolytes, proper hydration, and overall nutrition. If you feed your body properly, and protect it from toxic overload, you will overcome anything, including POTS. 

Here is a scientific article from the National Library of Medicine back in 2012, and here too they discuss diet, salt, etc., but do not discuss magnesium. Sadly, most doctors and scientists are still unaware of the importance of magnesium; even though there are countless studies showing how critical it is to our health.

I am strongly opposed to drugs for POTS, because there is very little success, and many different risks; although drugs can be helpful in emergency situations of course. You can search the internet and find many people that resolve severe POTS with natural treatments alone. Another reference you can check is Dr. Jockers. He is very comprehensive, but he tends to give too much information in his articles (for my liking), and this one on POTS is enormous (and beautiful). Be sure to check it out, or at least keep it handy as a reference.

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